Booster di fioritura, quando utilizzarli quali scegliere e perché -

The importance of the Flowering Booster

Flowering boosters are the pinnacle of the entire fertilization process, they can bring very important increases in production and taste to plants and in many cases have surprising effects. The fundamental elements of this type of fertilizer are Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), which are used to a greater extent by the plant during the flowering phase.

When to use Booster?

Flowering Boosters are almost always used in the second flowering phase of plants, usually the last 4/5 weeks. In addition to the basic fertilizer for flowering, they provide enhancing elements with evident effects.

Why use a Flowering Booster?

The Flowering Booster is an absolutely necessary product to be able to obtain the best possible result from your cultivation. In normal cultivation conditions it is possible to obtain an excellent result by thinking of obtaining 100% of the plant's potential, with a flowering booster it is possible to obtain up to 125% of the same plant, grown in the same way.

Which Flowering Booster to choose?

There are many excellent quality products on the market, from the most popular PK 13-14 to specific products for each brand of fertilizer. Over the last 20 years we have tested all the products that are in circulation and those that gave the best results were Top Max, Hesi Boost , Canna Boost but by far the best product on the market is Plagron 's Greensensation which has been the point of reference for this type of product.