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8 Tools not to forget for perfect cultivation

The preparation of a cultivation room (grow room, growbox) is a very important and essential phase in order to obtain good results. Most of the products are almost obvious: the growbox or light-reflecting sheets, the lighting system , the exhaust fans and filters for odor control, as well as pots , soil and fertilizers . But what other accessories become indispensable for organizing clean and tidy work?


It is not possible to do without a dispenser to obtain the right mixtures of water and fertilizers, control the pH level or change its parameters. Graduated measuring cups or pipettes must be part of the standard equipment.

Adequate scissors

Using a pair of scissors suitable for use is of fundamental importance. Scissors must always be kept in excellent condition and clean. It would be advisable to have at least 2 types of scissors, for pruning and for grooming .

Thermometer and Hygrometer

Tools necessary for controlling the temperature and humidity parameters of your grow room, thermometers and hygrometers (humidity meter) allow you to have the ideal parameters for growing. There are various types, the most used are the multi-parameter ones that record temperature and humidity


The timer is probably the key tool of the growroom because it allows you to alternate the light phase and the dark phase of the plants in an exact way, avoiding harmful stress to the plants, furthermore it is essential for controlling the suction and.

PH meter

The pH measurement of the water you use is very important to obtain optimal results, a higher or lower pH of the water or nutrient solution radically changes the way fertilizers are absorbed and can often cause damage to the plants.


Pulleys are very useful for being able to comfortably raise and lower your lighting system, they are comfortable and safe and help you maintain the correct distance from the tops of the plants.

Green light

The green light or night light is necessary to be able to control the cultivation when it is in the dark phase. In fact, plants do not perceive this light spectrum and it is therefore possible to carry out interventions inside the growroom without stressing your plants and having a light source.

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