Come Implementare il raccolto con CO2, quali metodi utilizzare e perché? -

How to Implement CO2 Harvesting

Myths and legends populate tales of enormous harvests and incredible successes. The fisherman always catches the biggest fish when no one is with him to confirm it! Many growers romanticize harvests by attributing them to their own ability and "special" methods; almost always these "methods" applied to cultivation do not bring the desired results because in fact they do not have specific effectiveness. But sometimes they constitute the key, one of the few truly effective is the additional administration of Co2 Carbon Dioxide. This technique can significantly change your production!


You may have heard of Co2 applied to cultivation, but the method probably appeared like a complicated alchemy. In fact, some methods can be complicated but the trick is always to choose a practical route, which makes everything simpler.

Co2 is a gas present in the air that has no color, odor and does not ignite. Plants breathe Co2 and release oxygen, unlike humans, which is why there is a symbiotic relationship between you and your plant! Co2 is necessary for the process of photosynthesis .

Photosynthesis is the product of an elaborate system that includes 3 fundamental elements: CO2, light and nutrient solution.

The photosynthesis process occurs through the leaves which, like solar panels, capture the light and produce elaborate sap through chlorophyll and Co2.

In the air, Co2 is present in a minimum percentage of 0.03% to 0.04%. Its quantity is crucial for the life and development of plants.

In outdoor cultivation the concentration of CO2 is very difficult to modify, but the plants will always have the necessary quantity.

How to deal with Co2 in indoor cultivation?

When working indoors, plants quickly consume the Co2 present in the air, and when the concentration of this gas drops to 0.02% the plant's growth significantly decreases, practically stopping.

What does the increase in Co2 concentration in the cultivation chamber mean?

Increasing the percentages of CO2 beyond the normal parameters increases the yield:

  • It improves and accelerates the metabolism, therefore the development of the entire plant by up to 30% with ideal conditions of light and nutrient solution.
  • Reduces damage caused by air pollution
  • Reduces times and increases production
  • It increases the strength and resistance of plants, helping them to overcome stress and environmental shocks.

It is possible to increase the concentration of CO2 up to 4 or 5 times the natural one, reaching percentages of 0.15%.

It is very important that Co2 is administered during the day phase, therefore with the lights on, because in the dark phase the plants reverse the process and need oxygen.

It is advisable not to administer any more CO2 in the last 2 weeks.

Always remember that by increasing CO2 you will force the plant's metabolism and it will therefore be necessary to also increase the number of irrigations and nutrients so that all parameters are perfect, always observe your plant and detect any deficiency symptoms.

When you insert CO2 into the cultivation chamber, remember to set air extraction and intake parameters that allow it not to be dispersed outside (timing the air exchange system alternating with the administration of CO2).

It is important to keep in mind that CO2 is toxic to humans and too high concentrations, even as low as 0.2%, can cause serious damage and death.


The simplest traditional systems for administering CO2 are:

  • Use of Yeasts
  • Dry ice
  • Baking soda and vinegar

Simple systems on the market:


Yeasts, just as in the bread production process, generate alcohol and CO2, the ideal temperature to get the most out of these is 26°.

Take a cup of sugar, a pack of yeast and 3 liters of warm water, mix everything together and use a closed container with a hole so that the CO2 can escape and diffuse into the growroom.


Easy and simple to prepare and use


The mixture must be changed up to 3 times a day and it is difficult to measure the quantity administered, furthermore the smell is very unpleasant.


Place blocks of dry ice inside the grow room, as it is made up of CO2 and will melt with the temperature, releasing it into the environment.


Simple and practical, easy to use


Obtaining dry ice is not very easy and it is not possible to store it in normal refrigerators.

It is expensive if used continuously.

It dissolves quickly making the method unstable.


For small grow rooms this might be the right method. It is necessary to have a system that drips the vinegar onto the bicarbonate in order to generate the reaction and produce CO2.


DIY system made with simple elements found at home.


Modulating the correct quantity of CO2 is very difficult and it is also possible that the concentration goes well beyond the safety parameters, also becoming harmful to plants.

Simple methods on the market:


They are containers or bags that contain organic substances that release CO2, easily available on the market, such as CO2 Boost .


Convenient and easy to use, the duration and measurement of the CO2 administered are known, a system of this type is changed every 60-90 days. If systems such as CO2 Boost are used, administration can be interrupted by timing it.


Only if you use the product exclusively without the timed release system, it is not possible to interrupt the process, it will therefore be necessary to put and remove the bucket in the cultivation room daily and it will not be possible to correctly dose the product based on the air exchange of the room. grow room.


They are pills that release CO2 in contact with water, there are slow release and extra slow release ones


Easy to find in grow shops , they do not require any tools.


Administration not easily controlled, it is necessary to remove the bucket with the pills in the dark phase, they must be administered daily.

Advanced delivery systems:

  • CO2 generators
  • CO2 injection systems


CO2 generators produce carbon dioxide through combustion.


They work well and are easy to use


They are expensive and significantly change the climatic parameters of the grow room. They can release toxic gases.


These are CO2 cylinders with flow meters and timers.


practical and simple to install they do not interfere with the environment.


This system as a whole is also expensive, it would in fact be necessary to insert control meters and periodically check the dosing system. This method requires specific knowledge of the grower.

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