Scelta del fertilizzante perché Minerale o Biologico, Solido o Liquido? -

Why use an Organic or Mineral fertilizer?

Difference between Organic and Mineral Fertilizers, Types and Release Methods

Fertilizer is the nourishment of plants, especially when cultivation takes place in pots and even more so indoors, it is essential to provide the plant with the elements necessary for its development which otherwise it could not obtain as it happens in the open field.

Specifically, the most important elements that fertilizers provide to plants are: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium also called Macroelements.

Organic and Mineral Fertilizers are designed to provide these specific macroelements (often indicated with the NPK triplet) as well as various microelements, less present but equally important.

What is the difference between Organic and Mineral fertilisers?

Organ or Mineral Fertilizers: The release mode

Of all the differences, the most important is certainly the way in which the fertilizer allows the plant to be absorbed and therefore metabolised.

Organic Fertilizer is divided into 2 main types:

Solid organic fertilizer (powder, granules)

Liquid organic fertilizer

Basically, solid organic fertilizers have a very slow release of substances into the soil and therefore behave as if the plant were in an open field, allowing totally natural fertilization from all points of view. Furthermore, they are administered a minimum number of times and often mixed in the preparation of the substrate (supersoil) to make the soil perfect for the entire life of the plant. Just as the liquid organic fertilizer still contains "Tel Quel" elements as they are and therefore, even if immediately available for absorption by the plants, they must still be metabolised just like the solid ones, with the difference that they will be administered adequately throughout plant life.

Mineral Fertilizers

Unlike organic fertilizers, mineral fertilizer contains elements that can be immediately assimilated by plants and is therefore absorbed more quickly, speeding up the metabolisation process.

Which fertilizers to use?

The two types of fertilizers are equally effective and can also be used in combination. The choice of the grower must be based on knowledge of the product, type of cultivation adopted and effectiveness of the product, naturally the choice of cultivation with organic products makes the production totally organic and natural.

Always pay attention to excess

As always, it is good practice to never overdo fertilization and always carry out a final washing phase (Flushing) at the end of flowering.