Il Ph della soluzione nutritiva, in terra ed idroponica. Perché tenerlo sotto controllo e come fare. -

The importance of pH in growing a plant

The PH value of the nutrient solution constitutes the starting point for correct cultivation and is an exact value to be maintained for the entire life of the plant. The ideal parameter is indicated in an even smaller range of 5.5/6.5 for hydroponic cultivations where the ideal value is 5.5/5.8. Having high (basic) or low (acidic) PH values ​​causes imbalances in the plant and difficulties in the absorption of nutrients with harmful consequences.

When and how much to measure PH?

It would be necessary to measure the Ph constantly, in soil cultivation the most frequent problem is a low PH value, while in soilless cultivation (hydroponics, aeroponics etc) the Ph parameter of the nutrient solution tends to be higher. In soil it is important to measure the PH value every time the nutrient solution is administered. In soilless cultivation, however, a precise check is necessary a couple of times a day also because by acting directly on the root system and in a much more immediate way an incorrect parameter would damage the plants much more quickly.

How is PH measured and what tools are needed

To measure the Ph of nutrient solutions, a Ph tester is sufficient, they can be:

Manual Ph tests , cheaper and more practical but less precise (perfect for soil cultivation but less reliable for soilless cultivation).

Digital PH testers, very precise and reliable.

How to correct the pH of the soil and that of a hydroponic substrate?

Once the appropriate measurements have been made, it is possible that it is necessary to intervene to raise or reduce the PH parameter of the nutrient solution.

There are specific products for PH correction such as PH Dowm or Ph Plus by Bionova , Canna , Biobizz . Easy to use and essential in all types of cultivation.