Carenza ed eccesso di Calcio (Ca), come identificarli sintomi e metodi di intervento -

Lack of Calcium (Ca)

Calcium is essential for various plant processes, it is especially fundamental in the development of growth. It is not a very mobile element and it is essential that it is present in an adequate quantity in the root area of ​​the plant. Calcium also has a regulatory function and determines the stability of the plant. When there is a calcium deficiency the substrate tends to become acidic, where in fact calcium is little present. The leaves show deformations and chlorosis, evident yellow spots with a brown outline appear which spread to become a single dark brown spot. Undeveloped flower clusters.

Identifying elements:

Formation of yellow spots with brown outline

Yellowing and dulling of the leaves

leaf deformation

clusters of undeveloped flowers


Fertilization with microelements or products such as Cal-Mag . 

Excess Calcium:

When calcium is in excess, the pH of the substrate is usually high (basic) and leads to deficiencies of macroelements such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen but also of Magnesium. Leaf necrosis and yellowing of the leaf around the veins are visible.