Carenza ed eccesso di Ferro (Fe), come identificarli sintomi e metodi di intervento -

Lack of Iron (Fe)

Iron is essential for the entire metabolic process of the plant, as well as for the production of chlorophyll, its deficiency in fact triggers a process called Ferric Chlorosis which consists in the yellowing of the leaves in the area between the veins. Iron deficiency affects new leaves immediately and often occurs due to stress or rapid growth. The pH of the substrate is essential to allow the iron to be absorbed by the plant, in fact the more acidic the soil, the greater the quantity of iron directly available. Substrates with Ph 6.5/7% allow plants an adequate supply of iron.

Identifying elements:

Iron chlorosis yellowing of areas around the ribs

Necrosis and drying of the leaf blade


Bring the PH of the soil to a correct value (5.5/6.5) use fertilizers with microelements .

Excess Iron:

You can identify excess Iron when you notice yellowish-orange leaves and brown spots, and it can cause the plant to die. It is found very rarely.