Carenza ed eccesso di Potassio (K), come identificarli sintomi e metodi di intervento -


Lack of Potassium:

the potassium deficiency is found on the leaves of the plant which begin to turn yellow at the edges with small spots. The lower leaves tend to dry out and die. When the plant is deficient in potassium it is more likely to contract diseases. Potassium is necessary for (water) transport and the opening and closing of pores. Furthermore, potassium ensures the stability and quality of the plant and regulates many other processes, such as carbohydrate balance.

Indicator Elements:

Old leaves become dull

The edges of the leaves burn and lift

Delayed flowering

Thinning of branches


Fertilize with fertilizers with a strong presence of potassium such as Pk 13-14 or Alga Bloom

Excess Potassium:

Yellowing and loss of color of the leaves, difficulty of the plant absorbing microelements. To solve excess problems it is important to fertilize with microelements such as Terra Aquatica Micro .