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The Mining Fly

The Miner Fly, scientific name Liriomyza huidobrensis, is a common insect in outdoor crops, it occurs more rarely indoors.

It is lethal for the harvest even if it cannot completely destroy the crops, in fact it seriously compromises the quality and quantity of production.

Our tips will help you recognize and avoid these problems.

How to spot the Miner Fly?

The miner fly belongs to the Agromyzidae family and its life cycle consists of 4 stages:

First the Eggs:

Miner fly eggs are microscopic, about a quarter of a millimetre, making them very difficult to see. They are also within the thickness of the leaves.

According to the Larva:

When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to feed on the plant by digging tunnels inside the leaf, these will be visible to the naked eye.

Third the Pupa:

When it is large enough, the larva will break through the leaf and fall into the ground where it will metamorphose a few centimeters underground, transforming into a pupa. This process can also take place on the leaves themselves or under them.

Fourth The Adult:

From the pupa a small insect with wings will emerge, the Miner Fly.

  • Look at the leaves of your plants to look for signs of the presence of this insect. The light brown and translucent lines that run along the surface of the leaf (the tunnels) are a clear sign that the infestation is underway.
  • The tunnels dug by the larvae impede the metabolic functions of the plant because the devoured plant tissue decreases the ability to photosynthesize. The leaves will dry out and your product will be scarce.
  • Also check for the presence of Punctuations which are left by the female in the leaves to deposit her eggs or to suck the sap.

How to prevent the Miner Fly?

Inside it is difficult to have this problem since the climate is controlled. In fact, high humidity and high temperatures are the ideal conditions for this parasite.

In outdoor cultivation, however, it is much more complicated, especially if the environment does not support us and maintains favorable conditions for the insect.

Using Neem oil is an excellent precaution as are anti-insect nets.

What remedies to use in case of Miner Fly infestation?

It is an insect that gives you little time to intervene, when you identify it it has already been present for some time.

  • Remove all infested leaves by eliminating them completely.
  • Insert sticky traps to capture adults.
  • Once the larvae are crushed inside the leaves, they are found along the tunnels.
  • Introduce antagonistic insects, in this case parasitic wasps Dacnusa sibirica, Diglyphus isaea and Opius pallipes.

All these tips will be very useful to you so as not to waste your efforts and complete your harvest.

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