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Italy and medical cannabis

The extraordinary characteristics of cannabis have been opposed by many countries and powerful men in recent decades, the most discussed use being for therapeutic purposes.

All over the world there is discussion about what the medical uses of this miraculous plant could be, in Italy since 2007 the therapeutic use of cannabis has been recognized (On Livia Turco) even if it seems to be very virtual and not very concrete. In fact, it is still very complicated to be able to access what are drugs, therefore always in the hands of the usual multinationals, or alternatively to the inflorescences to be vaporized which are already better in principle but always conveyed by the same channels. One of the main problems is linked to the exaggerated costs of this type of "drug". A bottle of Sativex can cost €750, a prohibitive sum for many which, among other things, is not refundable in addition to the fact that the procurement times by the competent bodies they are biblical.

It is often necessary to order the drug at the military hospital pharmacy (the big brother).

The proven applications of cannabis for medical use are: Painkillers, anti-nausea, anti-vomiting, appetite stimulants (very important for patients undergoing chemo) but also sclerosis, Alzheimer's, ALS, Chron's disease.

Possible applications on cases of muscular dystrophy are also being studied (CNR Pozzuoli) because it has been seen that an endocannabinoid receptor plays a role in the process of formation of skeletal muscle . It should be noted that at the moment there is no curative drug for the disease in question.

We could also carry forward a discussion relating to the advantage of producing cannabis from an economic point of view given that it has been estimated (by default) that the production of this plant would bring 1.4 billion euros and around 10,000 jobs, the rest of the world "vigilante" is ahead of Italy on everything related to cannabis and its applications, just think of the United States and the possibility, even if recent, of using cannabis also for recreational purposes. In Italy it was chosen (incorrectly from our point of view) to entrust the production of cannabis to the military from September 2014 on 55 thousand m2 of surface conveyed since 2015 by the military pharmaceutical plant in Florence, giving the possibility of using it to 600/900 thousand potential patients who would have to experience a nightmare prescription procedure or doctors who were reluctant to do it, all of this was a huge failure. Incompetence and presumption have made this project practically useless to date. We are trying to remedy this but it would have been simpler to immediately contact the hundreds of cannabis experts in Italy, some of whom are internationally renowned.

The most important cannabis drugs on the market at the moment are: Bedrocan, Bediol, Sativex but it is always possible to use vaporized inflorescences of plants with a high CBD Cannabidiol content which are usually referred to as medical plants.

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