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The state of affairs in Italy CBD and inflorescences how to behave? Small guide to conscious use.

In recent months in Italy we have been witnessing a paradoxical phenomenon relating to cannabis.

To help understand in a practical way how to behave we have decided to make a short guide and in this first issue we will try to clarify the state of things. The articles subsequently published will serve as a guide in the world of cannabis inflorescences and #CBD in other forms.

Part One: How are things today?

Since 2017, cannabis with a very low THC content has been marketed in Italy, called light, cannabis light, legal cannabis or in many cases Easyjoint which was the first brand to market it.

Law 242 is often talked about, saying that it was the turning point of this market. In fact, although the aforementioned law has reformed some rules for the cannabis supply chain, it essentially refers to the production of the same, not entering in any way into the logic of commercialization or the "drugging" effect which instead constitute the crux of the problem that interests us . In fact, after a brief skirmish in the sector between those who argued that the active ingredient (THC) should be below 0.2% and those who instead argued that it could reach 0.6% (as a logical consequence of law 242) it was agreed that the certain figure was 0.5% because it constitutes a certain figure (referring to sentences, forensic toxicology and articles of doctrine) for what is defined as doping capacity. This parameter is in no way linked to law 242 and is considered as a point of reference for establishing the lawfulness of a product.

The possession or use in any form of cannabis-based products (non-food) or inflorescences thereof that do not contain a percentage of #THC above 0.5% is not a crime. Net of the political reasons that determine seizures, sampling and harassment of the retailers of these products, there is no basis for fighting something that is "de facto" anti-drug. Furthermore, this stance as a display of power is exclusively diverting resources and attention which should be directed towards much more serious phenomena and constitutes a cost for all Italian citizens and in particular for those who have done business in this sector and provide work to thousands. of people.

On 30 June 2019 the combined sections of the cassation discussed this topic with reference to law 242 and some rulings of the cassation with opposite results. From the document produced following this sentence it is not yet possible to establish anything new because in the few lines produced it is said (as written before) that law 242 does not concern the topic, that the possession or sale of cannabis constitutes a crime (as unanimously accepted) except that it has no doping capacity, so essentially nothing has changed. We await the reasons for the sentence in the hope that it will go into the merits in a specific way, clearly establishing how things stand; until then the parameters remain as described.

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