Advanced Nutrients Bloom PH Perfect

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Advanced Nutrients Bloom PH Perfect

Bloom PH Perfect is a flowering fertilizer.

It is part of the Grow, Micro, Bloom Ph Perfect line which are basic NPK nutrients, packaged in 3 separate parts and formulated precisely to give the right ratios of nutrients that your plants need, depending on the development phase they are facing.

When pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom feeds your plants, they benefit from:

Advance Nutrients' pH Perfect® Basic Nutrients technology automatically adjusts pH within the optimal range (called the 'sweet spot') of pH 5.5-6.3 - no longer shackled to the nutrient tank for control and pH regulation.

Humic acid and fulvic acid which together accelerate the absorption of nutrients.

Wet Betty is a powerful non-ionic surfactant, to ensure your plants absorb everything.

Of the highest quality NPK basic nutrients.

An easy to use formula as it has a 1:1:1 ratio

The chelating agent ensures that each nutrient is more available to the roots, showing at least 31% more absorption and 37% faster

Chelation is extremely important because it helps your plants get more nutrients, faster:

During the growth phase: When plants need nitrogen, calcium and other necessary nutrients, pH Perfect GMB chelates transport these nutrients directly and immediately into the roots, leaves, flowers and cells significantly accelerating the growth phase.

During the flowering phase: pH Perfect GMB feeds the plant with a powerful potassium and phosphorus chelate and other nutrients that increase flower size and weight directly from the heart of your plants.

And this is an almost unfair advantage over other 3-component fertilizers.

The final result will be:

More productive flowering cycle

Final product of the highest quality

Savings on the quantity of product used

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