Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom 1 lt


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Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom 1 lt

Who would want to combine the purity of natural organic with the power of synthetic to obtain first prize crops ?

As with most growers, you will also have thought about adding natural and organic fertilizers because:

  • You know that plants grown with natural and organic products have a unique scent, aroma and flavor.
  • You know that Mother Nature stays away from "synthetic" plants and that she can help you obtain a more stable and genuine product
  • Do you know that master growers assure that only with a combination of natural and synthetic products can you get top-notch harvests!

Here is the solution to add an extraordinary natural fertilizer to your plants! Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom™

Here are five reasons to add Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom ™ to your grow!

  • 1: unlike other Mother Earth products, Super Tea Organic Bloom™ guarantees that the flavor and scent of the plant will not be altered, as the organic ingredients mix perfectly with each other and with your fertilizers. It's 100% natural!
  • 2: You will have a professional and unique product in your hand, which guarantees the purity of the extraction and ensures you maximize the growth phase and a greater harvest.
  • 3: You will have in your hands a mix of over 80 pure organic substances, unique nutrients, alfalfa extracts rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and everything you need to obtain exceptional plants!
  • 4: You can use Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom™ in any substrate as it is pre-mixed filtered and concentrated specifically to be used however suits you best.
  • 5: You will only have the benefits of using a natural fertilizer without the disadvantages that other cultivation products suffer from (bad smell, formation of mold and fungi, clogging of irrigation systems). Only 100% of the finest natural ingredients were used to create Mother Earth Super Tea Organic Bloom™.

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