Advanced Nutrients Piranha

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Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Piranha is a powerful root stimulator packed with beneficial fungi for your plants.

Piranha colonizes the roots with 24 varieties of fungi (8 of the trichodermia genus and 16 endo and ecto mycorrhizae).

The trichodermia genus is very fast and aggressive, stimulates root development and prevents rotting and the risk of pythium and pytophethoria. Mycorrhizae can contribute to root lengthening by up to 700%.

The symbiotic relationship brings to the plant a clear improvement in the ability to absorb nutrients and greater resistance to infestations and stress, as well as better flowering.

The advantages of the mushrooms contained in Piranha are:

  • Maximize radical uptake of oxygen, nutrients and water
  • Helps your roots increase surface mass for optimal yields
  • Maximizes the production of essential oils
  • Helps the plant fight pathogens

Expert Tips:

Piranha can be used as a foliar spray, leaves no toxic residue. It is always recommended, one week before harvest, to spray with pure water and then not apply any more foliar nutrients afterwards.

Used as a foliar spray it helps fight mold and pathogenic fungi.

Piranha can be used with some other types of formulas for greater impact such as Voodoo Juice and Tarantula.

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