Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

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Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

Protect your crop with Rhino Skin armor

Your plants spend more energy defending themselves from pathogen attacks, heat and other stressors than on growth and flowering. Rhino Skin reverses this process by promoting the thickening and hardening of cell walls so that plants release their energy on photosynthesis, cell division (growth and flowering) and other vital functions. By strengthening the stems with Rhino Skin, the plant feels free to support bulkier, heavier buds. Rhino Skin increases trichomes and essential oils.

The chemical element that leads to this result is silica, the second most abundant element in the earth's crust (oxygen is the most widespread). In fact, plants contain up to 10% of their weight in silica, so they desperately need it.

The final result will be:

  • larger, more powerful inflorescences and therefore a higher market value.
  • Find the right silica formula for your plants

If you have tried other silica products you will know how difficult if not impossible it is to supply effectively to your crops, this is because it is very thick and solid, not easily soluble in water. It is not easily assimilated by plants as it is not very soluble in water.

That's why after extensive testing with different types of silica, as well as different concentrations and production methods, Advance Nutrients created its unique potassium silicate formulation that produced the highest percentages of silicate in crops.

Rhino Skyn ​​has a neutral pH of 5.7 so it can work with our pH Perfect System. It does not affect the pH in any way, so the tank will keep the pH level in the optimal range of 5.6.

How to use:

To ensure that Rhino Skin is properly dissolved and distributed in your nutrient water, add it to your nutrient reservoir at least two hours before feeding and after shaking.

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