Aeros DME Cylinder - Organic Gas for extractions 500ml


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Aeros DME Cylinder - Organic Gas for extractions 500ml

With Aeros DME you extract much more, in less time and work much safer! Aeros DME is 99.99% pure dimethyl ether. This product is an organic gas as well as a high-quality, absolutely harmless solvent that leaves no traces or toxic impurities.

Greater yield
Compared to butane, the structure of the dimethyl ether molecule allows it to extract a broader spectrum of fat-soluble compounds. This means greater yield and higher quality of the extract, which preserves the flavor of the plants.

Dimethyl ether is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and safer for the environment. It is used as an extractive solvent in the food industry and in other manufacturing processes, such as use as a propellant in various medical products, such as throat and mouth sprays.

99.99% pure
Aeros DME contains 99.99% pure dimethyl ether. Dimethyl ether is an organic gas, absolutely non-toxic; the remaining 0.01% is composed of water, CO² and ethanol. All non-toxic products!

High efficiency
Aeros DME is the definitive extractive solvent. Thanks to its greater solvent strength it removes all fat-soluble compounds, such as terpenes, almost instantly. This means that with Eros DME you will need less solvent to produce a better extract.

Faster processing

The evaporation point of Eros DM.E is -24.82°C, much lower than that of butane. therefore it evaporates very quickly. This means that Eros DME evaporates much more quickly, cutting the clean-up process by hours. You can use the time saved to produce much more oil!

Much safer
Aeros DME is much safer than any other hydrocarbon-based product, as it requires a concentration three times higher to become dangerous. The lower risk of explosion greatly increases the safety during the process.

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