Atami Terra Max


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Atami Terra Max

Terra Max is a fertilizer with nutrients specific for the flowering phase of the plant.

Terra Max dissolves in water so it is easily assimilated by the plant.
Furthermore, this fertilizer guarantees healthy and lush flowering of the plant, giving considerable volume and compactness to the flowers of the plant. It is recommended to use this product on calcium-rich soils.

All fertilizers in the Atami line are sealed under the cap and packaged to resist light, keeping the quality of the product high.


Terra Max should be used during the flowering phase of the plant but can also be used during the growth phase as an addition to the nourishment that is supplied to the plant daily.


Directly soluble and with immediate effect. From 1 to 5 ml in 1 liter of irrigation water (1:200) For all irrigation systems.

Rinse immediately with plenty of water in case of contact with skin or eyes. To be stored at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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