BioBizz Acti-Vera™

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BioBizz Acti-Vera

BioBizz Acti Vera™ makes plants stronger and more beautiful, inside and out. It protects and stimulates the immune system, increases germination and plant metabolism, breaking down sugars and optimizing the absorption of nutrients. It truly is a "super food" for plants: natural, energetic and 100% vegan. Acti·Vera™ is designed to protect the immune system, increase metabolism and promote nutrient absorption in all types of plants .


After rigorous research to understand what was the best combination of ingredients to add to Aloe Vera extract, we finally arrived at Acti·Vera . The main difference with the other products in the BIOBIZZ line deriving from land or sea is this: Acti·Vera™ is an innovative product that comes from plants. Or to put it more intriguingly: "plant-friendly plants"!

BioBizz Acti Vera™ at a glance:

    • Protects / activates the immune system;
    • Increases germination;
    • Increases plant metabolism and absorption of nutrients;
    • Breakdown of sugars;
    • 100% Vegan.

Acti Vera™ is very versatile. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use for agricultural crops , plantations, perennials and ornamentals during the vegetative and flowering phases, to promote growth and buds. BIOBIZZ recommends a measuring spoon of 5 ml of Acti Vera™ for 1 liter of water for irrigation from a watering can or in the form of a foliar spray.


To be stored at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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