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BioBizz Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven™ stimulates enzymatic activity and rapid nutrient absorption, while increasing the amount of chelate of essential macro and micronutrients. Plants are consequently more inclined to encapsulate hydration and better resist moisture stress. Bio Heaven™ is also an incredible source of carbonic acid ( H 2 CO 3 ) for soil microorganisms . In practice, the crops are healthier and the harvest of better quality. Bio Heaven™ not only improves the effects and translocation of nutrients in foliar sprays and fertilizer mixes, but also gets rid of toxins and revitalizes the plant's antioxidant system, restoring chlorophyll production.


Bio Heaven™ contains carefully selected biological stimulants such as amino acids, the main building blocks of proteins and enzymes, essential for the structure and metabolism of the plant.


Using Bio Heaven:

  • the rapid and complete absorption of important nutrients is stimulated;
  • increases the chelate of essential macro and micro nutrients;
  • helps the plant retain more humidity so it suffers less from drought;
  • stimulates enzymatic activity useful for breaking down dead roots, preparing nutrients and optimizing them for absorption;
  • represents an exceptional source of carbonic acid for the microorganisms contained in the earth;
  • improves crop performance and quality, as well as yield.


Bio Heaven™ is ideal during the entire growth and flowering period, on any substrate, coco mixture and with hydrosystems . With All Mix ® or Light Mix ® , the ideal dose is 2 ml and then increases up to 5 ml per 1 liter of water. For best results, follow the instructions in the nutrition chart on the package.

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