BioBizz Fish Mix™

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BioBizz Fish Mix

F ish Mix™ is ideal for all outdoor plants in the early stages of growth, and also during flowering until harvest. After just a few days of use, even the most deficient soils become rich and productive, full of the natural minerals your plants crave . It will be the ideal organic fertilizer to make your crops as florid as possible, as in addition to accelerating growth, it promotes microbial action in the soil.


Fish Mix™ is a blend of organic North Sea fish emulsion which, combined with Dutch sugar beet extract, promotes the accelerated growth of living organisms in the substrate. It then stimulates the production of "good" microorganisms and bacteria in all types of soil and coconut-based substrates . And it's good to know that thanks to the strict organic farming requirements we adhere to, Fish Mix is ​​never acid extracted or stabilized with BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), a synthetic preservative.


Its gentle composition also makes it ideal for the early stages of the plant life cycle or to be sprayed directly on the leaves during the vegetative growth cycle. Use is recommended starting from the second week of the growth period, during the flowering period and until harvest.

To combine Fish Mix™ with All Mix ® products , we recommend a 1 ml scoop of Fish Mix per liter of water. For use with Light Mix ® , increase the dose to 2-4 ml per liter of water. For best results, follow the instructions in the nutrition chart on the package.


To be stored at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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