BioBizz Leaf Coat™

Packaging: 500ml Spray

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BioBizz Leaf Coat

Leaf Coat™ is a ready-to-use product that strengthens and protects plants against unwanted insects and leaf fungi. If the environment is too hot-humid (temperature above 28°C), Leaf Coat™ helps the plant retain the necessary water during evaporation. At the same time, the layer of natural latex formed on the leaves helps the plant to breathe and prevents it from exuding. And if the thermometer drops, like in winter, Leaf Coat™ protects from the cold and helps keep the temperature of the leaves constant.


Made of natural latex, it was originally designed to prevent evaporation. It creates a permeable and self-degradable barrier on the leaf while still allowing air and light to filter through. Unlike synthetic and toxic products, it has a pleasant scent and does not irritate. Precisely because Leaf Coat™ is not absorbed by the leaves, it has no effect on the aroma of the fruits.


There is no need to mix Leaf Coat™ with water: just apply it directly from the bottle, preferably by pulverizing it. Spray the product on all the leaves and flowers, repeating the procedure 2 times a week up to approximately 15 days after the end of flowering. After a few hours from application, a super thin elastic layer will form on the leaves, just 1.5 microns thick. The beneficial effects last up to 2 weeks, when natural decomposition begins due to light or sunlight.


To be stored at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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