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Bionova PK 13-14

Larger and more compact flowers
PK 13-14 from Bionova is the perfect composition as the main flowering stimulator. Phosphorus helps develop a healthy and extensive root system and exuberant flowering. Potassium stimulates flowering power in the plant. The combination of these two components in a food-grade mineral form makes it Bionova's original superbloomer. The plants directly absorb all the food grade minerals which gives you optimal control of your plants. Bionova is the inventor of the original composition: PK 13-14.

What is PK 13-14:

PK 13-14 is the perfect and balanced combination of phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus activates and induces flowering of treated plants and potassium promotes and enhances flowering, obtaining exuberant flowers. It is made from food-grade minerals, one of the cleanest and purest forms of mineral elements. PK 13-14 is directly absorbable by the root system and contains very low levels of heavy metals which are not found in the finished product. PK 13-14 should always be used in combination with one of the following main fertilizers: Soil Supermix, Hydro Supermix, Aero Supermix, Autoflower Supermix or Longflower Supermix.

Tips from Bionova growers:

Use 1 to 2 ml PK 13-14 in 10 liters of water in the second week of the growth phase to encourage faster root development.
When phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) deficiencies occur, the plant. Mainly these conditions of immobilization and deprivation of elements for cultivation are due to poor substrates and abnormal pH values ​​of the nutrient solution. To treat deficient plants, a solution of PK 13-14 with a dilution rate of 2.5-5 ml in 10 liters of water can be applied by irrigation or foliar spray.

How to use PK 13-14:

Bionova PK 13-14 should be applied from the first week of flowering until the last week of flowering.
Bionova PK 13-14 can be mixed with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals and substrates.
Bionova PK 13-14 can be used as an irrigation and foliar spray.

Technical specifications:

Application in irrigation
From the beginning of flowering until one week before harvesting: 2-6 ml per 10 liters of water.

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