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Bionova The Missing Link TML

The Missing Link is a PREMIUM product from Bio Nova. Protects plants from harmful external influences, stimulates the plant's natural defense system and increases yields.

The missing link consists of a large number of special trace elements that have become essential for the growth and flourishing of any living creature on this planet as a result of a million-year process of uptake and release by plants and animals, composting, re-absorption, microbial activities etc. Today, people grow all kinds of plants, but they often ignore the needs of crops, and often disrespect the laws of nature.

These facts lead to shortages, which result in a large number of epidemics and diseases among, not only animals and plants, but also humans. Furthermore, due to deficiencies of these essential nutrients, organisms are no longer able to fully develop themselves.

The administration of these indispensable nutrients leads to an unprecedented positive effect on both the quality and yield of the treated crops. The Missing Link fills the hole in the food chain that had not been discovered before. This product can rightly be called the missing link... The Missing Link can be used in combination with X-ceL Booster, this forms an ideal combination during the growth and flowering period.


    • Add 1 ml for every 1 liter of nutrient solution throughout the cycle.

    • Spray: 5 ml per liter of solution.


    • It should be applied from the first to the last week of the entire cycle, and can be combined with any other fertilizer.

Available in 1 liter format.

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