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Bionova X-ceL

Larger fruits
Bionova X-cel is the excellent stimulator to develop XL flowers, which can be applied to all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Bionova X-ceL significantly increases the quantity and quality of the yield of all tested crops!

What is Bionova X-ceL:

Bionova X-cel is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulator. Contains the following main ingredients: Various vitamins, natural growth and flowering stimulators, amino acids. bacteria, trace elements, enzymes, algae and humic acids. The sophisticated combination of components stimulates biochemical functions at all levels. Organic extracts stimulate metabolism, in particular photosynthesis, and consequently the formation of carbohydrates. The culture family hormone is actively stimulated by the combination of amino acids found within Bionova X-cel.

Bionova X-cel actively takes part in the growth and flowering process from the first day of sowing the crop. The roots strike more quickly, which virtually excludes leaf fall. The plant will grow faster and more vitally. While simultaneously developing a very extensive root system. The flowering power is stimulated and ultimately leads to a demonstrable yield increase.

Tips from Bionova growers:

To promote flower potency, apply Bionova X-ceL one week before the flowering phase, applying a foliar treatment with Bionova
Use Bionova

How to use Bionova X-ceL:

  • Bionova X-ceL can be used from the first week of growth until the last week of flowering.
  • Bionova X-ceL Bionova X-ceL can be mixed with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals and substrates.
  • Bionova X-ceL can be used as an irrigation and as a foliar spray

Technical specifications:

Application in irrigation
5-10 ml continuously for 10 liters of water, from the first day until harvesting.
Application as a foliar spray
DDuring growth and the first week of flowering. use 0.25ml to 0.50ml per litre. Use max 3 times.

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