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CANNA Cannacure

Cannacure is the first Canna product that allows you to fight plant parasites. Cannacure is a growth stimulator that has the particularity of also fighting plant parasites while respecting the environment. By using Cannacure, the plant can focus on producing larger flowers and offer a better yield throughout the entire growing phase until harvest. To this end, the Canna Research Laboratory has created a unique product that has multiple functions:

    • controls plant pests and downy mildew in an environmentally friendly way

    • provides nourishment through the leaves, consequently keeping the plant healthy


By spraying Cannacure, apply a second natural layer to the plant. This layer ensures that the plants receive the necessary nutrients while allowing them to breathe. Furthermore, plant parasites remain stuck to this sticky layer. No longer able to climb the leaves, the parasites die, as they can no longer survive. For this reason it is important to spray both the upper and lower parts of the leaves.


Cannacure takes care of your plants, keeping them healthy, beautiful and shiny, thus ensuring optimal photosynthesis. This way, your plant can focus on its shoots and flowers. Used in combination with CANNA Bost Accelerator, Cannacure ensures faster, higher quality shoots and flowers.

The supply of nutrients to your plant is extremely important for good results. Canna guarantees the supply of these nutrients when used Cannacure in combination with CANNA Bost Accelerator, PK 13/14 and regular Canna plant food.

Used in combination with other Canna nutrient solutions and additives, Cannacure ensures that your plant has enough energy to defend itself against plant pests. Using different brands of nutrient solutions can compromise the health of your plants. This can result in a lack of plant energy, whereby at crucial times the plant becomes more vulnerable to disease and infestation.

Cannacure is not a pesticide, but has all the characteristics of one. The product is biodegradable and can be used without the need to wear protective equipment. By using Cannacure, not only will you always be guaranteed a good harvest and a high production yield, but you will not harm the environment or your health. Cannacure is a natural product that prevents plant pests and downy mildew from infesting your plants.


The preventive use of Cannacure once a week ensures that the parasites, when dying, cannot come into contact with the leaves, as they remain glued to the leaves. If your plants are already heavily attacked, for example, by whitefly, red fruit spider, cottony cochineal or aphids, use Cannacure to eliminate the parasites. Spraying repeated once every 3 days is sufficient to target the parasites and eliminate them. This way you will also get rid of downy mildew permanently.

Cannacure can be used from the beginning of growth until harvest and therefore can be used on both edible and ornamental plants. This way you will prevent the parasites from reforming again immediately before harvest.


Store in a closed, dark and frost-free place. Keep out of reach of children.

The dosage bottle is made of 100% polyethylene (PVC, cadmium-free), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.

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