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Chewy Grinder

Chewy is a battery-powered automatic herb grinder that takes away all the effort needed to finely grind your weed. Can be used with just one hand, you can be sure of a fantastic grind fast and effortlessly. The built-in storage provides the confidence that you can carry any herb you need safely and securely.

The Chewy is a revolution in the world of grinders, take everything you know about dry herb grinders and forget it! Starting from scratch they designed and built one of the best spice grinding machines you can find on the market.


The Chewy is portable and battery powered for maximum convenience. The grinder is designed around a powerful 9V battery that can give you up to 10 hours of continuous use, so you never have to worry about running out of charge!

How does it work:

Chewy's blades are specially designed to slice dry weed, rather than crush it. This means that the grind will be much more consistent and none of the precious trichomes will be lost. After grinding your herb it can easily be dispensed into a bowl or paper through a specially designed opening on the unit.

Despite all this power, Chewy has a very quiet motor, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that your appliance won't disturb anyone.

Space available to store:

One of the best features of this grinder is its built-in storage space. It has a built-in cargo space that can hold up to two grams of material, this is the perfect place to store and transport your spices without worrying about losing any because there is a sealed rubber stopper covering the dispensing hole so never miss a drop during transportation.

Perfect for vaping because Chewy increases the surface area the heating system can act on; this ensures thicker, tastier vapor and much more efficient use of your spices.

Battery not included.

Package dimensions 13cm x 10cm

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