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Blue Cheese is a feminized marijuana seed with excellent overall quality: it is easy to grow, produces good yields and is known for its unparalleled flavor. For us at Dinafem Seeds it was a real challenge to create a variety that encompassed the best of two genetics as prestigious and respected as Exodus UK Cheese and Blueberry.

But the goal was largely achieved, resulting in an Indica-dominant hybrid that exceeded all our expectations. The seed, a true pleasure for the sight and for the senses in general, must be enjoyed right away: during cultivation it offers a beautiful, very colorful plant and, once harvested, it awakens the senses and brings them to the surface. An authentic explosion of quality! Once you know it, you will always want it in your garden.


Blue Cheese is a beautiful and captivating marijuana strain that develops stable and homogeneous plants thanks to the Skunk influence of its Cheese genetics. These are specimens with numerous branches that can reach up to 3 meters in height outside, which is synonymous with abundant harvests and large, compact buds. When exposed to cold night temperatures (10 ºC lower than daytime temperatures), a large percentage of this cannabis strain's phenotypes exhibit striking purple coloration at the end of flowering.


Blue Cheese is an excellent producer that offers yields of up to 550 g/m2 indoors and 800 g/plant outdoors, where in mid-October, once the long-awaited moment has arrived, it will surprise you with a considerable production of buds compact and voluminous covered with a layer of delicious aromatic resin. Your mouth will water just looking at it!


Blue Cheese demonstrates an ideal aromatic and flavor balance: the fruity intensity of Blueberry's sweet blueberries and the characteristic cheesy flavor of Cheese taken to the extreme. A surprising and tasty combination that is clearly found in its buds with a delicious and penetrating fruity aroma.


Blue Cheese contains a rather high level of THC which translates into a powerful, long-lasting and very relaxing effect on the body. If you need to unplug and forget about the world for a while, don't think about it anymore, this is the seed for your collection.


Blue Cheese is a marijuana plant that responds very well to even the slightest attention. In fact, standard watering and feeding is all it needs to grow with strength and vigor. Another notable benefit is its great ability to handle moisture and pest problems. Rather than being intimidated, he knows how to react to keep such threats in line.

Thanks to its very branched structure, it is a marijuana plant suitable for SOG and SCROG cultivation methods, which contribute to the uniform distribution of light on the plant, maximizing its production potential. Since it is a variety with a short flowering period (between 50 and 55 days), cultivation becomes simpler, as it allows you to avoid the problems most commonly associated with long cultivations.

If grown indoors, Blue Cheese's strong odor may attract the attention of prying neighbors, in which case the use of a good odor filter is recommended. Outdoors, however, the plant is very comfortable in temperate and Mediterranean climates as well as in the welcoming atmosphere of greenhouses.


Sex Feminized
Genotype Indica predominance
Intersection Exodus UK Cheese x Blueberry
Indoor flowering 50-55 days
Indoor production 550 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early October / Mid October
Outdoor production 600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC High
CBD Bass

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