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Dinafem Blueberry Cookies

And what better complement to this cocktail of sweet flavors than Blueberry, another legendary strain known worldwide for its fruity aromas of fresh blueberries? Our team of breeders carried out several crosses to test the results and choose only those that constituted a real improvement compared to the original product. This is how Blueberry Cookies was created, a hybrid with a powerful effect that will certainly surprise palates who think they have already tried everything.


Blueberry Cookies is a medium-sized plant that can reach three meters in height outdoors if growing conditions are right. It has solid branches with a rather long internodal distance, allowing light to penetrate even into the lower part of the plant, which is entirely covered with elongated, compact flowers overflowing with resin.

If the Cookies genetics in themselves have a tendency to be tinged with purple colours, thanks to the crossing with Blueberry, this variety becomes a real visual spectacle of reddish, lilac and purple shades. The quantity of leaves around the flowers (calyx/leaf ratio) is rather small, making trimming much easier.

In any case, we recommend not discarding the smaller leaves close to the buds, as they are full of a delicious resin ideal for concentrates. Returning to the buds, these are very compact and heavy formations with a spiked shape and very large calyxes, a peculiarity that distinguishes them from classic Kush flowers. In short, a beautiful plant that not even we at Dinafem ever tire of contemplating.


Blueberry Cookies stands out for the density and weight of the flowers. It is said that good wine comes in a small package, and in this case the proverb could not be more apt, because although the flowers are a little less voluminous than average, they are very compact and full of incredibly resinous glandular trichomes and with astonishing aromatic power.


Cookies' fragrance has become their passport to global success. Because unlike other American Kushes, which are characterized by notes of earth and petrol with hints of coffee, Cookies smell like cake, to the point of making you want to nibble on the buds, which once dried, smell like dessert.

Precisely for this reason, our team of breeders thought that there could be no better combination than the fruity scent of Blueberry, thus giving birth to Blueberry Cookies: a tasty fruit cake with an intense flavor of berries and an indica aftertaste. In the plant, the buds give off a very strong and fresh fruity smell, but once dried and cured, the fragrance evolves into a very sweet pastry aroma.


As it couldn't be otherwise given that it is a variety of American origin, Blueberry Cookies is a powerful strain with a strong physical and mental effect. Thanks to its indica predominance and its THC content, which reaches 18% (with only 0.1 CBD), the strain causes a narcotic and relaxing physical sensation on the muscle level.


Blueberry Cookies is an easy to grow hybrid that is very suitable for outdoors. Its vegetative vigor translates into a very pronounced elongation during the growth period, and having a larger plant can mean a decidedly more abundant harvest. So, if you don't have nosy neighbors, it's best to give carte blanche to the potential of genetics. To this end, it is important to provide the plant with direct sunlight, so that its vigor is not compromised by poor lighting and the result is a weak and not fully developed specimen.

It is also a plant that tolerates outdoor conditions well, a little attention, standard fertilization and, if possible, a temperate climate (it can also be grown in northern climates) being sufficient to obtain showy purple crops of the best quality that they will be ready towards the beginning of October.

The flowering period indoors is 55-60 days, and we always recommend organic cultivation so as not to alter the aroma or flavor, which together with extreme potency, constitute the main reason for having Blueberry Cookies in the garden.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Intersection Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies
Indoor flowering 55-60 days
Indoor production 400-500 g/m 2
Outdoor collection October
Outdoor production 700-900 g/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.1%

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