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Dinafem Seeds is truly proud to have included the autoflowering version of one of the best Indicas in the world in our marijuana seed collection. It is no coincidence that Bubba Kush Auto has managed to bring to the world of autoflowering all the qualities that have placed Bubba Kush on the champions' podium.

The result of the union between a Bubba Kush Pre'98 and a White Widow Autoflowering, it is a hybrid that can boast a pedigree and was conceived to make Indica lovers who also seek speed and discretion fall in love.

1st prize in the Hash category, Alacannabis Cup Alicante, Spain


Bubba Kush Auto seeds develop small plants of Indica appearance and a rounded and compact shape, with an appearance similar to that of a shrub. Precisely because of its small size, with a short internodal distance and large leaves, it is the ideal option for those who prefer not to attract the attention of their neighbors


Although Bubba Kush Auto is not the most productive genetics in our catalogue, its buds stand out for their very high quality standards, a final result designed to satisfy the needs of the most gourmets. A marijuana plant that develops a very dense and compact medium-sized central bud, surrounded by ball-shaped secondary buds overflowing with resin.


The flavor of this variety has conquered the most demanding palates, proving to be one of its most appreciated characteristics. A very complex Kush flavor and aroma with a special touch that makes the difference: a blend of spices, berries and strong notes of oil, fuel and lemon.


As a good Indica, this intensely relaxing strain offers a powerful and sedative effect that brings a certain sense of happiness and combats muscle stress effectively. Ideal to consume towards the end of the day to enjoy a deep and restful sleep.


The Bubba Kush Auto cannabis seed was created to make life easier for all growers who have fallen for this wonderful Californian strain. An easy to grow plant, vigorous, resistant, with very short flowering and which does not require particular care, therefore ideal for beginners. As a good Indica, it is not a greedy variety, so you should not overdo it with fertilizers, which should be applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The only aspect to consider is humidity, as her dense and substantial buds need proper ventilation to escape mold and fungi.

Given the density of its foliage, it is important to leave some space between plants. And if it is necessary to carry out pruning to facilitate the penetration of light and air between the buds, you will need to proceed with caution. The life cycle of autoflowering plants is very short, and if you cut too much, the plant wouldn't have time to recover.

This small plant is ideal for growing indoors when you have little time and space available. Outdoors, it is the favorite choice of urban growers, offering the possibility to work discreetly on the balcony, terrace, window or garden. It is recommended to add 30% coconut fiber to the soil to improve oxygenation and accelerate the various metabolization processes.


Sex Autoflowering
Genotype Indica predominance
Intersection Bubba Kush Pre'98 x White Widow Auto
Complete life cycle 70-80 days
Indoor production 400-450 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early April / End of October
Outdoor production 50-150 g/plant
THC High
CBD 0.5%

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