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Bubba Kush CBD is a feminized cannabis seed from Dinafem Seeds that combines the traditional qualities of Bubba Kush with the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol. If Bubba Kush is the Indica queen par excellence (beautiful, compact and narcotic), this genetic keeps its beauty and flavor intact but with less potency. And if you're wondering why we wanted to reduce the sedative effect of the original version, here's the answer: because while that unique flavor of spices and coffee that stays in the mouth forever is always welcome, sometimes you look for sensations that are a little ' less intense. Well, thanks to our breeding techniques, Bubba Kush CBD has made this possible.


Bubba Kush CBD is a medium-sized and relatively open plant, but above all, it is a beautiful and charming flower suitable for small spaces that grows magic with its hypnotic black and purple hues. As for the structure, you shouldn't think of Bubba Kush; although its mother is Pre'98 Bubba Kush, this genetics comes from crossing with an elite CBD clone, which gives Sativa traits to the morphology. Thus, despite having large and toothed leaves, its structure is rather open, that is, different from the typical closed and full-leaf Indica. It is therefore an airy plant that grows very long, especially horizontally, and given its exceptional ornamental beauty, it is an ideal variety to grow at home. Because beyond the harvest, its mere presence represents an added value: the contrast of the dark color of the leaves with the light that the trichomes give off gives it a mysterious aura that attracts all eyes.


Bubba Kush CBD offers a very abundant harvest, proving to be an excellent producer in terms of quantity but also quality of flowers, compact, goblet-shaped buds loaded with trichomes. And don't be fooled by the amount of resin, because in this case, thanks to its THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, the fact that it doesn't produce much doesn't translate into an overly potent effect.


Bubba Kush CBD is a variety with unique organoleptic properties at all levels, with an unmistakable exotic flavor of spices and coffee integrated with notes of earth, sweet fruit and Kush that are difficult to forget.


Here is one of the main strengths of the variety, which is capable of causing relaxation worthy of applause. In this case, the narcotic effect of THC, which soothes muscle pain, is complemented by the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, turning Bubba Kush CBD into a strain suitable for relaxation. But the presence of cannabidiol is not only perceived in the medicinal properties (anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory) of the genetics, but also in its more balanced effect. Since this cannabinoid acts as an antagonist of THC (psychoactive active ingredient), the sensation is less cerebral and more manageable than that of strains without cannabidiol. This is why it is the perfect ally for easing both physical and mental tension.


Bubba Kush CBD is a very undemanding marijuana plant from a cultivation point of view, therefore it is suitable for both experts and novices. The elite CBD clone that is part of the crossbreeding of the strain gives it more strength than the original Bubba Kush, making it more resistant and, on the other hand, the Sativa morphology of the clone results in a more open structure and, therefore, also easier to grow. Thus, unlike what happened with Bubba Kush, there will be no need to prune the leaves to facilitate the penetration of light and air towards the central part of the plant. In any case, it is important to monitor the growth to ensure that the traits of the phenotype in question no longer tend towards Bubba Kush rather than the CBD clone, in which case it will be necessary to eliminate the leaves that hinder the correct lighting and ventilation of the plant. Regarding the flowering period, it will not last more than 55-60 days.


Sex CBD-Feminized
Genotype 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Intersection Bubba Kush Pre'98 x CBD
Indoor flowering 55-60 days
Indoor production 450 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Half October
Outdoor production 900 g/plant
Outdoor height 2.5 m
THC 8%
CBD 10%
THC/CBD ratio 1:1

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