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Dinafem Critical + 2.0 Auto

Critical + 2.0 Auto is the best-selling autoflowering seed from Dinafem Seeds, which is more than enough to not have to say anything else about this wonder that has everything needed to make growers happy: stability, speed, vigor, enormous productions, flavor and power. All in all, what else could we expect from the fruit of the cross between two genetics of the Critical + Auto and Critical + level? A real cannabis caviar!


Critical + 2.0 Auto seeds develop Indica-dominant plants with compact dimensions, with a thin stem and a short/medium internodal distance. The leaves are a cross between Indica and Sativa and, overall, it is a very vigorous plant. The only weak point is its poor resistance to humidity, which however is compensated by a short flowering which minimizes the risk of the appearance of fungi.


As a good heir to the Critical lineage, Critical + 2.0 is an excellent producer of dense, resinous and smelly Indica buds.


Just like the original Critical +, Critical + 2.0 Auto has an overwhelming skunky aroma with very penetrating lemon touches that leaves no one indifferent.


The effect of Critical + 2.0 Auto is purely Indica: very powerful, relaxing and long-lasting. It is an ideal strain for resting after a hard day at work and for forgetting about the world immersed in a deep sleep.


Critical + 2.0 is an extremely vigorous marijuana plant. This strength makes it very suitable for inexperienced growers as well as those who have to cope with extreme climate conditions. You really have to make an effort so that the cultivation of Critical + 2.0 is not a success.

Thanks to its compact size, it is a particularly interesting variety for indoor cultivation. Although it resists well to all climates, it is advisable not to expose it for too long to humidity or rain, especially during flowering, when its Indica heritage and its dense buds could play a bad joke in the form of mold.

In any case, its rapid life cycle and its autoflowering nature give it an edge that minimizes the risk of the appearance of parasites and fungi. In order to get the most out of Critical + 2.0 Auto, we recommend using a pot of at least 10 litres, but if you have the space for one of 20 the results will be truly spectacular. When it comes to autoflowers, the trick is to avoid all the problems and deficiencies that the plant would not have time to recover from during its accelerated life cycle. Here are some basic tips for this purpose:

Water in small quantities but very often, avoiding flooding the pot and, consequently, the roots. If you grow outside, try to do so in the warmest and brightest months of the year. For the interior, however, plan for a cycle of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. Add 30% coconut fiber to the substrate to keep it aerated and help the roots metabolize nutrients better, pay attention to the plants so you can deal with any problems early, pamper them a bit and voila! In 80 days from germination you will be harvesting succulent buds with a delicious skunky aroma.


Sex Autoflowering
Genotype Indica predominance
Intersection Critical + Auto x Critical +
Complete life cycle 70-80 days
Indoor production 50-250 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early April / End of October
Outdoor production 100-300 g/plant
Outdoor height 0.6-1.3m
THC High
CBD Bass

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