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Deep Cheese is, simply put, the most potent version of our Cheese. At Dinafem Seeds we were convinced that the huge number of fans of this emblematic strain deserved an extreme version that would further enhance its fabulous characteristics. So, we got busy and carried out a backcross of Cheese which produced spectacular results: a very stable feminized marijuana seed that provides intense and unique sensations and boasts unsurpassed qualities expressed with great strength.

Cheese is a classic with so much to say that it is now part of the history of cannabis, a high-level genetics that is always a guarantee of quality and success. And now its features have been taken to the nth degree, a coming and going of intense perceptions that causes a pleasant sense of bewilderment in anyone who experiences it. Its outstanding overall qualities make it a delicacy for experts and beginners alike.


Deep Cheese develops medium-sized marijuana plants (up to 2 meters outdoors if conditions are optimal) with a Christmas tree appearance and a rather Sativa structure based on an impressive central bud surrounded by numerous branches which at the end of flowering they appear covered with dense flowers overflowing with resin.


Deep Cheese yields are more than fruitful, with yields of up to 525 g/m2 indoors and 600-800 g/plant outdoors. Therefore very satisfactory yields without the need to be experts in the field. The moment of the collection becomes a celebration and when the grower realizes the caliber of the harvest, made up of hard buds, full of resin and with a fabulous aroma, he is invaded by an infinite feeling of happiness.


The organoleptic properties of Deep Cheese, characterized by unparalleled strength and intensity, seem to come from another galaxy. The power of mature blue cheese envelops you with no escape, causing a wave of sensations that leaves you in a state of ecstasy. Cheese lovers will reach a level of satisfaction never before imagined!


Another of the qualities of Deep Cheese is its powerful and long-lasting effect, where that perfect physical and mental balance that is so sought after but at the same time so difficult to obtain stands out. So, as soon as you try it, you will be invaded by a physical and cerebral presence that will take you to a very pleasant and proportionate state of mental stimulation and bodily relaxation.


Deep Cheese is a beast that can be grown with complete peace of mind, generating abundant yields with virtually no effort. Its resistance to humidity problems is an added advantage, so the only thing you will have to think about is feeding it a standard diet. Indoors it offers good results with any growing method, responding particularly well to SOG and SCROG systems. Outside, however, it likes temperate and Mediterranean climates or the greenhouse, although taking into account its smell, which spreads over a very large area and dangerously attracts attention, guerrilla cultivation is recommended, away from populated areas. Inside, the use of anti-odor filters will therefore be essential, unless the place is devoid of curious neighbors. For the rest, it completes the flowering cycle in a very short time, in approximately 55-60 days indoors, while outdoors it is possible to proceed with the harvest of the buds between the end of September and the beginning of October.


Sex Feminized
Intersection Cheese x Cheese
Indoor flowering 55-60 days
Indoor production 525 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Late September / Early October
Outdoor production 600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height 2.5 m
THC High

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