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Dinachem descends directly from the legendary ChemDawg 91 genetics, created in 1991 in the USA by the breeder ChemDog. The birth of this feminized marijuana seed was possible thanks to a close collaboration with this renowned American breeder, who offered us the possibility of working with two selected strains of his property. The project would not have been possible if not for this precious contribution, which is why at Dinafem Seeds we wanted to create genetics faithful to the original ChemDawg.

But ChemDog made it so easy for us, and so we crossed Guava Chem with an elite clone of Original ChemDawg 91. The result was a 65% Sativa / 35% Indica hybrid that exudes exoticism and quality from every pore, an innovative genetic from every point of view and with the extraordinary smell of Diesel that leads you towards a world of sensations that become a feast for the senses. A marijuana strain to absolutely take into consideration.

· Best Indica strain at the Cannazores Cup 2016.

· 2nd prize in the Best Indica Strain category at the IC420 Growers Cup 2015.


Dinachem develops tall, slender marijuana plants with rather broad leaves, not particularly abundant branching and long internodal distances. Typically, it grows to a medium height, but can reach 3 meters when grown outdoors. During flowering, its structure is covered in abundant hard and compact buds overflowing with resin.


Dinachem is a productive marijuana variety that allows you to obtain generous and excellent quality harvests. Indoors it produces between 450 and 500 g/m2, while outdoors the figures are between 600 and 800 g/plant, not bad considering the very high quality of the final product, in true American style.


The organoleptic traits of Dinachem contain the exoticism of the American varieties. Thus, its genetics appear completely perceptible through an incredibly complex and unique aromatic and gustatory spectrum that offers us a cannabis cocktail with a concentrated flavor of tropical fruits, citrus fruits, carbureta and exotic woods. Cheers!


The power of Dinachem is so high that it is only suitable for the most risky. As soon as it is tasted, an uncommon sensation of euphoria and creativity takes over the mind, causing a pleasant and long-lasting, very stimulating effect which after a while evolves towards a state of very deep physical relaxation, ideal for enjoying pleasant moments of clarity and relaxation. .


Dinachem surprises growers with its exoticism and overall qualities, producing crops that grow vigorously aided by good tolerance to humidity and pests. Indoors, flowering lasts about 60-70 days, while outdoors, where it likes dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates or the greenhouse, the harvest takes place towards mid/late October. Let's also remember that a good anti-odor filter is never too much when it comes to varieties as fragrant as this one.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
Intersection GuavaChem x Original Chemdawg 91
Indoor flowering 60-70 days
Indoor production 450-500 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Mid October / End of October
Outdoor production 600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC Medium-high
CBD Bass

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