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Dinamed CBD Autoflowering is a feminized and autoflowering seed created to be the ultra-fast alternative to Dinamed CBD, the first pure CBD strain in history, with CBD levels close to 14%, presented by our breeders in 2017. Almost without psychoactive effects , with a THC content of less than 1% and with multiple therapeutic properties derived from the high concentration of CBD, this genetics was created for medical purposes. But, once commercialized, we discovered that not only medicinal users but also recreational users wanted to enjoy this plant which provides a high that has little to do with the high provided by the traditional one. So, in 2018, we developed a faster and easier to grow version of Dinamed CBD: an autoflowering version to bring cannabidiol closer to all growers.


Dinamed CBD Autoflowering is a seed that grows into compact, medium-sized bush-shaped plants. It has large leaflets, serrated leaves and small internodal distance. Indoors it could reach a height of 110 cm and outdoors, in optimal conditions, it will under no circumstances exceed 100 cm. These characteristics make this strain an ideal option for growing in tight spaces as well as maintaining maximum discretion outdoors. All it takes is a small balcony or space at home for this plant to show its best in just 70 days.


Dinamed CBD Autoflowering offers a CBD-rich harvest, with a CBD content of 14% and a THC content of less than 1%. Like all autoflowering strains, the quantity of flowers that this plant is capable of producing is not like that of photoperiod genetics because the plant itself is smaller. But it is still possible to obtain 100 grams of dried flowers per plant, which is a good result if we remember that it only takes 2 months from germination. Thus, this strain is a good example of the motto 'less is more' as we will not find any other autoflowering genetics in our catalog with higher levels of CBD.


Dinamed CBD Autoflowering hides a little surprise when it comes to flavor and aroma. While strains rich in cannabidiol usually have an orange touch, this plant is far fruitier. More sweet than sour.


The sensation caused by Dinamed CBD Autoflowering on the body is the key to this variety with cannabidiol levels close to 14%. To fully understand the multiple applications of this genetics, we must distinguish two types of consumers: therapeutic and recreational.

    • Therapeutic users: if you want to use CBD to relieve some type of illness (spasms, epilepsy, anxiety, spasticity...), this strain has the levels of cannabidiol you need. Combustion is not the most appropriate mode of consumption. It will be better to process oils, ointments or vaporizations with the buds, which look like flowers but are real medicines.

    • Recreational Users: If you enjoy using marijuana but its effects scare you, this strain gives you the traits you love and neutralizes the negative effects you run away from. In short, a strain that smells but doesn't make you feel like the traditional one. Instead, it has a relaxing and anxiolytic effect that does not distort the senses and allows you to continue with your life and carry out complex activities without problems. Furthermore, it does not cause tiredness or drowsiness.


Right here lies the main advantage of Dinamed CBD Autoflowering over Dinamed CBD. It is incredibly easy to grow and less rigorous than its predecessor, as well as much faster than Dinamed CBD. As long as it has enough direct light, a pot full of at least 7 liters of substrate and water with enough fertilizers, this plant with a high cannabidiol content will grow comfortably. Its life cycle of 60-70 days means that it can be harvested in midsummer (it will need to germinate by May in the northern hemisphere).

To achieve good results, there are two points that we should not overlook:

    • Fertilize frequently: much fertilization is not necessary but it must be constant. If we fail, the plant will turn yellow.

    • Direct sunlight: if it is true that, thanks to its autoflowering genetics, it will begin flowering after the third week has arrived regardless of the photoperiod, direct sunlight will ensure that it becomes more vigorous during the vegetative period and is capable of producing flowers denser during flowering.


Sex CBD-Auto
Genotype 20% Indica / 30% Sativa / 50% Ruderalis
Intersection Dinamed CBD x Critical + Auto
Complete life cycle 70 days
Indoor production 500 g/m 2
Outdoor production 100 g/plant
Outdoor height 1 m
THC 0.3-0.8%
CBD 14%

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