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Dinamed Kush CBD Autoflowering is an autoflowering cannabis variety that develops a typically Indica morphology, with a very intense Kush aroma and an equally marked flavor. But the most distinctive aspect is the absence of psychoactivity of the buds, which contain only traces of THC accompanied by a high CBD content. All this, at an unbeatable speed and without major cultivation complications thanks to the autoflowering nature of the plant.


In short, a little jewel that brings together many qualities in a single seed (autoflowering, pure CBD, Kush flavor and purple color) and which dispels the cliché that autoflowering plants practically do not produce resin and that pure cannabidiol varieties all have the same flavor .


Dinamed Kush CBD Auto develops a very indicative structure: short height, very large and fleshy leaves, short internodes, a rather thick central stem where most of the production is concentrated and a controlled lateral branching which gives the plant the classic shrubby appearance of Indica variety as well.

The leaves are dark green, and although the shade does not entirely depend on the temperature, cool nights favor the appearance of purple shades, which can cover the entire leaf or just the edges, enhancing the beauty of the plant. This incredible charm makes it suitable for the balcony or garden, where it acts as a decorative element and perfumes the environment with its fascinating aroma. It is also a 100% "light" variety, a characteristic increasingly appreciated by the public.


Dinamed Kush CBD Auto is an excellent producer considering that it is an autoflowering strain. Yields are around half a kilo per square meter, even if the main attraction of the crop is the resin. In fact, the naked eye is not enough to understand whether it is a variety of THC or CBD, which makes the plants derived from Dinamed Kush CBD Auto seeds one of the most innovative products on the current cannabis market.


Here is the main advantage of the variety. Until now it seemed impossible to find pure CBD genetics with an original and marked smell, and among consumers there was a widespread belief that "all CBD varieties taste the same". But this is no longer true, because consuming Dinamed Kush CBD Auto is synonymous with filling your mouth with limonene, the terpene responsible for the Kush smell. In fact, the flavor is perfectly comparable to that of the delicious Purple Kush.


Dinamed Kush CBD Auto causes a very relaxing and light sensation favored by a high CBD content, which can reach 16% guaranteeing the absolute lack of psychoactivity. More than anything it is a pleasant relief from stress, which also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Growing this genetics is quick and easy. With a life cycle of only 65 days, it grows with great vigor and without the need for special care. As with almost all plants, which begin to flower 30 days after sowing, pruning is not recommended, as the speed of development does not leave time for correct regeneration. Its medium size makes it suitable for small spaces, and its robustness allows it to develop in hostile climates.

Guy CBD - Autoflowering
Genotype 50% Indica / 50% Ruderalis
Intersection Purple Kush x Dinamed Autoflowering CBD
Complete life cycle 65 days
Indoor production 450 g/m 2
Outdoor collection April/October
Outdoor production 100 g/plant
Outdoor height 1 m
THC 0.6%
CBD 16%
THC/CBD ratio nd


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