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At Dinafem Seeds they have developed a very special strain that, without a shadow of a doubt, will fascinate lovers of old-time Californian and Mexican genetics. This is Dinamex, a feminized marijuana seed created by our team of breeders through the crossing of Cali Sour, a variety with Mexican and Californian genes, and Emerald OG Kush, a genetic that is part of the top ten on the international cannabis scene . Thanks to this very dignified seed, which translates into splendid plants and sensations that are not at all usual in European varieties, fans of Mexican and Californian cannabis will be able to spend wonderful moments both in the garden and during the tasting.


Dinamex develops marijuana plants of medium size, even large depending on the circumstances, for example in outdoor cultivation, where it can reach 3 meters in height. Thanks to its open and branched structure with long internodes, light penetrates every corner, resulting in shining specimens that are loaded with uniform buds distributed proportionately on all branches. The plant setup also offers great ventilation, which helps avoid humidity and disease problems and promotes the growth of dense, heavy buds.


Dinamex is an uncomplicated hybrid to show off its potential, producing yields of up to 550 g/m2 indoors and between 600 and 800 g/plant outdoors. A true paradise of the best quality resinous buds.


Dinamex is a variety of marijuana with a discreet aroma but a very intense and special flavor that offers a very well-proportioned combination of oil, acidic fruit, diesel and lemon. And when all these scents invade the palate, a sensorial harmony is created capable of moving the most demanding consumers.


The state Dinamex takes you into could be defined as powerful and long-lasting. As soon as the tasting begins, a very well-orchestrated melody of sensations starts that stimulates the mind and relaxes the body, quickly bringing you into a state of clarity and physical lightness that prepares you to enjoy any situation.


Dinamex is a marijuana plant suitable for growers of all levels. In fact, its cultivation is so simple that even beginners will be able to obtain very satisfactory results. Here are the factors that make this possible:

· Great resistance to humidity and disease

· Fast flowering: about 60-65 days indoors and harvested in mid-October outdoors

· A standard power supply is sufficient

· Stability and homogeneity

· Almost total absence of odor, which allows it to be grown practically anywhere

In outdoor cultivation it is important to ensure that the environmental conditions are suitable, with a temperate or Mediterranean climate.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Intersection Cali Sour x Emerald OG Kush
Indoor flowering 60-65 days
Indoor production 550 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early October / Mid October
Outdoor production 600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC High
CBD Bass

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