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In its first year of life, Gorilla has consolidated itself as one of the favorite strains in the Dinafem Seeds catalog thanks to its potency and resin production. Indica-dominant and with a very high level of THC, the genetics are distinguished by the thick layer of white trichomes that cover the flowers during the last days of flowering.


Those who have never grown Gorilla for fear that winter would arrive before the buds had time to ripen, or those who do not want to depend on light cycles to be able to grow a highly potent jewel, will find in this genetics the plant they were looking for. looking, as its autoflowering nature does not compromise in the slightest the enormous resin production, the intense smell of petrol nor the narcotic effect of one of the most devastating indica strains there is.


Gorilla Auto is a half-indica, half-ruderalis cannabis hybrid that develops a medium-sized plant suitable for small spaces and goes unnoticed in balconies and gardens. Despite its rather shrubby shape, the internodes are long enough to allow correct ventilation and lighting in internal areas, helping to avoid humidity concentration problems. Another factor that contributes to correct air penetration is the morphology of the leaves, neither too wide nor too fleshy. Regarding the color, the shade remains very faithful to that of the feminized Gorilla: a lime green which, thanks to the abundant quantities of resin, is tinged with white around the buds during the last days of flowering.


The harvest of the autoflowering Gorilla is very similar to that of the feminized version, but obviously, if the goal is to grow large plants outdoors, an auto variety is definitely not the best option, since, after about thirty days from sowing, it will begin to flower without the possibility of extending the vegetative period. As in all varieties of this dynasty, the most salient characteristic of the crop is the resin. The ruderalis genes do not hinder the production of trichomes in the slightest, so that resin production remains high even in the autoflowering version.


Quick Gorilla replicates the smell of Gorilla: a predominant petrol aroma with earthy, sometimes acidic notes.


Despite having a not particularly low THC content, which can reach 19%, it is not a devastating variety. The previous version was certainly very potent, but in this autoflowering reinterpretation the strength of the effect was quite limited. In any case, it should not be underestimated, as the sensation, euphoric at the beginning and more narcotic and relaxing at a later moment, still remains very intense.


Of all the Gorillas from Dinafem Seeds, this is the easiest to grow. Fast, robust and without photoperiod dependence, Gorilla Auto is ready for harvest in approximately 75 days from sowing, offering excellent results even in inexperienced hands thanks to its ruderalis genes. Naturally, it likes temperate and warm climates, and if it is exposed to light for several hours a day, it is possible to increase its size and production. That said, the variety is also capable of growing in hostile climates without the lack of light and heat meaning a poorer quality crop.


Guy Autoflowering
Genotype 50% Indica / 50% Ruderalis
Intersection Gorilla x OG Kush Auto
Complete life cycle 75 days
Indoor production 450 g/m 2
Outdoor collection April/October
Outdoor production 200 g/plant
Outdoor height 1.5m
THC 19%
CBD 0.2%
THC/CBD ratio nd

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