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Dinafem Seeds ' Gorilla was received with great enthusiasm following its launch in 2018, and many growers added the genetics to their cupboards and gardens. Only those who have no tolerance for overwhelming variety had to deprive themselves of this jewel. With them in mind, this CBD-rich genetics was created, so that anyone can witness the spectacle that is growing this lime green cannabis plant whose dense buds turn practically white during the last days of flowering, as well as savor that flavor magic of petrol and earth without fear of not being able to get up from the sofa after consumption.


Gorilla CBD is an indica-dominant plant with a hybrid appearance. It develops medium internodes and, although the leaves are rather pointed and do not have the width and fleshiness typical of indicas, the external structure is still very shrubby. It is in fact a compact, bushy and medium height plant.

The buds have a slender shape and are distinguished by their colour, turning entirely white during the last days of flowering. This and the high CBD content of the variety did not hinder the resin production in the slightest.


Gorilla CBD is an excellent producer, resin in particular, having inherited the trichome levels of its ancestor, so the resulting flowers are really sticky. It is often thought that strains high in cannabidiol do not produce significant quantities of trichomes, but Gorilla CBD proves otherwise. It is no coincidence that the parents are the very resinous Dinamed CBD Kush, the first Dinafem Seeds variety capable of passing off a pure CBD plant as a classic THC feminized one, and Gorilla, one of the most extraordinary genetics in our catalog in terms of resin production.


Gorilla CBD presents an unparalleled flavor and aroma. The petrol smell inherited from Gorilla is enhanced by the classic Kush flavor of Dinamed CBD Kush, making puffs on this strain an unforgettable experience. Due to the influence of CBD genetics, plants rich in cannabidiol often taste similar to each other. In this case, however, the terpene profile has been modified through a pure CBD strain bred by our breeding team which presents a completely different flavor than what is often associated with CBD. Thanks to this cross, Gorilla CBD boasts a unique flavor dominated by the intense notes of Kush and Gorilla. In short, a mixture as delicious and marked as that of pure THC varieties.


Here is the most salient feature of the variety. The CBD content balances the intense potency of Gorilla, a genetics which, with a THC content of up to 25%, causes an overwhelming effect. But the THC:CBD ratio of 1:2 makes Gorilla CBD a balanced variety which, being richer in CBD than THC, causes a lower psychoactivity and narcotic intensity than the original variety.


The cultivation of Gorilla CBD is characterized by moderation and consistency in all aspects. As for watering and fertilization, the plant tends not to show symptoms in case of deficiency, but it still needs to be watered and fertilized regularly, albeit without excess. Thus, rather than the doses recommended by fertilizer manufacturers, it is preferable to use the evolution of the specimen as a reference.

Gorilla CBD does well with ambient humidity (within limits), and appreciates lower pruning, which allows her to shed unwanted foliage and focus energy on the areas that matter: the top and side branches.


Guy CBD-Auto
Genotype 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Intersection Gorilla x Dinamed Kush CBD
Complete life cycle 55-65 days
Indoor production 500 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Half October
Outdoor production 1000 g/plant
Outdoor height 2.5 m
THC 7%
CBD 14%
THC/CBD ratio 1:2

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