Dinafem Seeds Kush N' Cheese Autoflowering

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Kush'N'Cheese Auto is one of the tastiest feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds ever created by the Dinafem Seeds breeding team and we are truly proud that this hybrid has surprised thousands of palates around the world with its unique flavor. Born from the union between an OG Kush and a Cheese Autoflowering, this strain has no lack of pedigree and is aimed at those who give priority to aromatic and gustatory qualities.


Kush'N'Cheese Auto is a beautiful and vigorous marijuana plant and, due to its Indica predominance, with a compact structure, very branched and with a medium internodal distance. Kush'N'Cheese autoflowering is a medium/large sized, short flowering hybrid, an exceptional autoflowering version of Kush'N'Cheese that faithfully reflects the traits inherited from its sister.


This autoflowering hybrid was designed to meet the needs of growers who aim to achieve a generous harvest with exceptional flavor. Indeed, Kush'N'Cheese Auto generates an excellent production of heavy and compact covered buds


Here is the trump card of this variety. The plants obtained from Kush'N'Cheese Auto marijuana seeds have a very strong aroma and flavour, with notes of pine, citrus and cheese. A delicious aroma of cheese, kush and lemon that is simply irresistible.


As a good Indica, its effect is powerful, relaxing and long-lasting. Ideal for relaxing and de-stressing after a long day at work.


Kush'N'Cheese Auto is a cannabis seed suitable for growers of all levels as it allows you to obtain good results easily both indoors and outdoors. Inside, however, it is advisable to install an anti-odor filter in order to block the intense and penetrating aroma of the genetics. Outside, however, Kush'N'Cheese Auto is ideal for guerrilla cultivation or in any case for rural or somewhat isolated environments, otherwise, if grown on city balconies or terraces, its scent and its rather large dimensions they could unmask the presence of this stinky champion. Due to the heavy and dense buds that the plant develops, the use of support stakes will be necessary at the last stage of flowering. Furthermore, to make the most of Kush'N'Cheese Auto's potential, it is important to add 30% coconut fiber to the soil and water often but in small quantities.


Sex Autoflowering
Genotype Indica predominance
Intersection OG Kush x Cheese Auto
Complete life cycle 75 days
Indoor production 400-450 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early April / End of October
Outdoor production 50-170 g/plant
Outdoor height 0.75-1.6m
THC High

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