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So when we found the elite clone of Girl Scout Cookies in our hands, we immediately knew we had to create something truly special. And what better way to do this than by crossing the West Coast's most famous Girl Scout with another great Californian classic like OG Kush? The combination thus gave birth to Ocean Grown Cookies. As always, our obsession has been to bring the best California flavor to its maximum expression, and Ocean Grown Cookies is just that: a Pacific-born cannabis gem that contains the powerful aroma that has made American strains famous.


Ocean Grown Cookies is a medium-sized plant that can reach three meters in height outdoors and has thin but resistant branches. During the vegetative period it is best to distribute them around support stakes so that the plant receives as much light as possible. During flowering, this will result in spiky, heavy flowers filled with resinous trichomes, and thanks to the presence of stakes, the branches will not give in to the weight of the buds.

The plant is the perfect balance between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. It has a fairly long internodal distance and leaves that can acquire very striking purple hues, making the whole extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks to an excellent calyx/leaf ratio, the trimming work is carried out easily.


Ocean Grown Cookies' harvests stand out for their quality. If conditions are favourable, preferably with organic cultivation methods, this gem produces 450 to 550 g/m 2 indoors and 750 to 950 g/plant outdoors. Unlike normal Kush genetics, this strain stands out for its elongated, pointed, ultra-compact and resin-filled buds. In fact, it is enough to glance at it briefly to realize that the quality of the flowers, extremely resinous and aromatic, is decidedly above average. And if the temperatures drop enough, both the flowers and the leaves turn an intense purple color.


There is a reason why cookie genetics are acclaimed around the world and for their breathtaking flavors and aromas. We wondered if we would be able to take the aromatic intensity of Girl Scout Cookies to the next level through a cross with OG Kush, another exponent of the best American flavor and parentage of Girl Scout, and the result was very positive: l The cross between these two great classics proved to be a winning bet.

This is how Ocean Grown Cookies was born, a genetic that stands out for its powerful and characteristic scent, a hallmark of West Coast quality: a base of earthy notes with a Kush aftertaste and sweet, fruity nuances.

In fact, it is a strain that brings winds of innovations for lovers of American genetics, while retaining the traditional Kush background thanks to the legacy of OG Kush. In short, a middle ground between the vast family of American diesel flavors and the innovative sweet and fruity pastry-style flavors that are gaining more and more ground in the USA. The delicate balance of Ocean Grown Cookies thus becomes an option that is at least interesting for palates looking for strong experiences with an innovative touch that is able to surprise while remaining more or less faithful to the intense Californian Kush aftertaste.


Overwhelming. If there is a suitable adjective to describe the effect of Ocean Grown Cookies, this is it. Its high THC content, of approximately 20%, and its almost total absence of CBD (0.1%), in fact translate into an extremely powerful, narcotic and long-lasting psychoactive intensity which, despite being able to present a light touch euphoric at the beginning, it is characterized by the physical and relaxing pleasure typical of Indicas. Powerful, crushing and sedative in pure California style.


Although suitable for northern climates, like many other varieties, Ocean Grown Cookies appreciates the mild conditions of Mediterranean climates and greenhouses. Thanks to its medium size and shrubby structure, it is particularly recommended for indoors. And since it is really easy to grow, a little care is enough to obtain an excellent result. We recommend, however, organic cultivation without products that could alter, however minimally, the delicious and particular flavor of the variety.

Given its indica predominance, this little gem is not particularly greedy and is satisfied with standard fertilization, an aspect which also allows the aromatic profile to be maximized. You'll see that it's worth it!


Sex Feminized
Genotype 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Intersection OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies
Indoor flowering 55-65 days
Indoor production 450-550 g/m 2
Outdoor collection October
Outdoor production 750-950 g/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.1%

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