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After more than a decade from his birth, our legendary Moby Dick was in great need of a good change of look, and how could we say no to the whim of this wonder of nature that made us so happy? So our breeders immediately got to work and managed to create a new, delicate and elegant purple dress for this variety which is still the beast of the kingdom. The result is an incredibly productive plant with a very potent effect and monstrous dimensions that now appears covered in purple hues and with a fruitier flavor.

Purple Moby Dick, born from the union between a female Jack Herer and a male Purple Afghan Kush, is a seed that embodies the personality that has made our beloved PAK one of Dinafem Seeds' top varieties. A seductive version of our favorite whale created to once again seduce lovers of this legendary genetics.


Purple Moby Dick is the same giant wolverine as ever, an aberration of nature that can reach a height of 3 meters outdoors. With lots of branches, this plant could get really large. Its hybrid-looking leaves as well as its flowers are colored in different shades of purple which, depending on the temperature, are more or less intense.


This Olympic champion never disappoints. The performance of Purple Moby Dick can be defined with one word: gigantic. Purple Moby Dick produces heavy yields with a high cannabinoid content which, under optimal conditions, could have as much as 21% THC. With Purple Moby Dick you always get compact and voluminous purple buds covered in huge glandular trichomes: real jewels. What more could you want?


After preparing her Sunday dress, all that remains is to perfume her with a fragrance suitable for the occasion. So, we added some sweet and fruity touches to Moby Dick's distinctive pine flavor. A superior aroma to escape from the routine and to enjoy this genetics from another perspective.


After its monstrous performance, power is its most notable feature. So much so that it is the perfect option for regular users with a high tolerance to THC who are looking for a strain with which to feel real psychoactivity once again. Its Sativa effect is very powerful, cerebral, euphoric and long-lasting. Not recommended for beginners or to consume before bed!


This insatiable plant needs enormous amounts of light, fertilizer, water and space. Therefore, if we want to grow this beautiful strain, we must be ready for its voracious appetite. It's not for nothing that it grows so much! If we don't feed her properly, Purple Moby Dick could suffer from a significant lack of microelements, so keep an eye out. On the other hand, this wonderful producer will give us something very special.

Purple Moby Dick can cope with fungi but will need some guardians to support the weight of its immense shoots. The flowering period is 70 days, which is why she will be ready for harvest in mid-October in the northern hemisphere and mid-April in the southern hemisphere. Whether indoors or outdoors, you will need to take into account the vigor and size of the Purple Moby Dick. Therefore, we advise you to prepare a nice place for her if you don't want to have space problems.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Intersection Jack Herer x PAK
Indoor flowering 60-70 days
Indoor production 650 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Mid October / End of October
Outdoor production 1500 g/plant
Outdoor height 3.5 m
THC 21%

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