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Quick Kush is a feminized cannabis strain that brings speed to the classic OG Kush. While the most famous indica takes between 55 and 63 days to flower, the buds of this Quick version only need between 49 and 56. But don't be fooled by the flowering times, because this new speed absolutely does not compromise quality. Nor the unmistakable smell of oil and lemon that so many supporters have generated throughout the history of cannabis. Nor the powerful effect of California's most famous strain. Because what we have in front of us is a real OG Kush, with the only difference being that it is faster.


Quick Kush is born from the cross between our elite OG Kush clone and a selected male from our elite OG Kush Auto line. The result is a slender plant of medium/large size, with broad leaves and long, evenly distributed branches. Aside from these morphological traits, we cannot help but underline the beauty of Quick Kush, which is perfectly in line with that of its ancestor. If it weren't for its delicious aroma, flavor and effect, it could very well be an ornamental plant known for its visual appeal.


Quick Kush does not compromise the production of the original version at all. Yield was one of the main strengths of OG Kush and, in this faster version which produces around 500 grams inside and up to a kilo outside, it has remained unchanged. As for quality, nothing to say, as every time the most famous strain on the Californian coast is involved. The buds, distributed over the numerous branches of the plant, are abundant, compact and overflowing with extremely potent resin.


Quick Kush has that aroma that inevitably hypnotizes cannabis lovers: oil and lemon with notes of dull grill. As strange as it may seem at first, the mixture leaves no one indifferent. Its fame precedes it and those who have already tried OG Kush return often and willingly.


Quick Kush has a very powerful effect. Thanks to the fact that it matures earlier than the standard version, it enjoys more hours of sun and heat, being able to reach its full potential, characterized by a high THC content, much more comfortably.

The fast version of the classic OG Kush replicates its mother's effect, and considering the high THC content, it is definitely not a light effect. In fact, the strain is only recommended for those looking for an extremely powerful experience.


Quick Kush is a very easy strain to grow. In short, no traps: it is resistant, fast and not very demanding. So, save your efforts for other genetics, because with this one they are not necessary. Quick Kush likes temperate and dry climates, and is not particularly greedy. So all it takes is a standard watering and fertilization and waiting about 50 days for the most famous girl in California to dress in compact buds. Considering that the flowering of OG Kush was not particularly fast, at Dinafem we thought it could be interesting to speed up the process. There is certainly no shortage of reasons.


    • Reducing Climate Risks : In the Northern Hemisphere, OG Kush is ready for harvest in October. Depending on the latitude, this occurs between the beginning and the middle of the month (Mediterranean area and southern Europe) or between the middle and the end (rest of Europe). But given that the Quick version is between one and two weeks faster, with flowering times of 49 to 56 days, in southern Europe there is the possibility of harvesting in mid-September and, in northern Europe, in half October. Thus, you will no longer have to think about the rains or the drops in temperature that often occur as autumn approaches, because the tops of your plants will be ready for harvest earlier than usual.

    • Reduction of external risks : the possibility of harvesting your already mature plants between 15 and 7 days before will allow you to:
      1: Minimize the risk of being robbed (best not to tempt anyone with a crop of OG Kush, you don't have to rack your brains to figure out how it will end). Now that the possibility exists, why not save yourself a couple of weeks of danger with the Quick version?
      2: Minimize comments from prying neighbors. If you grow in the garden or on the balcony, you will be able to save a week of odor from those neighbors who, unaware of your little party, do nothing but complain that your terrace smells of petrol, floor cleaner and barbecue.


    • Greater profitability : the Quick version is faster, but by how much? Well, about 20%. Let's take as an example an indoor cultivation with the lamps turned on 365 days a year: while with OG Kush 6 harvests are obtained per year, with this genetics the production rises to 7.5 harvests. That is, up to 1.5 more crops per year, a far from trivial number.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Intersection OG Kush x OG Kush Auto
Indoor flowering 49-56 days
Indoor production 500 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Mid September
Outdoor production 1000 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC 18-25%
CBD 0.1%
THC/CBD ratio 250:1

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