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What can be said about White Widow that hasn't already been said? The cannabis seeds of this legendary strain from the 90s are among the most requested in the Dinafem Seeds catalogue. This because? Because we are faced with one of the best Indica marijuana strains ever seen in the world. Coming from an elite clone from 1997, our White Widow is a stunning, fast flowering, very vigorous plant with a high THC content, incredible resin production capacity and a delicious sweet and sour aroma. And this is without considering that if there is a strain with undeniable relaxing properties, it is White Widow.

    • 2nd prize at the Copa del Plata 2008.


White Widow is a plant with a typically Indica morphology, with a compact and vigorous structure, which can reach 2.5 meters in height when grown outdoors. The leaves are small, dark and shiny, and have a wide range of green tones that create an interesting play of light and shadow. Another peculiarity is represented by the shape of the leaves, wider at the base and slightly pointed at the top.


White Widow is an excellent producer of large, dense and heavy buds, but also of resin, which is generated in incredibly higher quantities than other genetics, representing one of the most appreciated qualities of the variety. During flowering, the buds acquire a layer of resinous trichomes so abundant that they give the plant a virtually white color at its peak. Hence the name, White Widow.


While the aroma of White Widow is very fresh and floral, the flavor shows a more intense character with sweet and sour notes accompanied by a truly pleasant floral and fruity aftertaste.


Another factor that has made White Widow so popular is its relaxing and therapeutic action, a very powerful and physical effect that invites you to immerse yourself in a deep and lasting state of relaxation. Ideal for combating problems such as insomnia, anxiety and stress.


White Widow is a plant suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and also one of the easiest to grow varieties in our catalogue. The only thing to take into account to maximize its potential is humidity control. It is therefore important not to overdo it with watering in order to avoid the appearance of mould. Being a variety that needs many hours of light, if you plan to grow it outside, the results will be better in warm, Mediterranean climates. This does not mean that it cannot be grown in colder regions such as France, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, but where particular attention must be paid to humidity, especially during the last weeks of flowering. Thanks to its compact shape, White Widow is a plant that works particularly well in indoor cultivation. One square meter is enough to grow six to nine specimens, which translates into a truly high final yield. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 22 ºC, without ever exceeding the threshold of 28 ºC.


Sex Feminized
Genotype 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Intersection White Widow x White Widow
Indoor flowering 55 days
Indoor production 550 g/m 2
Outdoor collection Early October / Mid October
Outdoor production 900 g/plant
Outdoor height 2.5 m
THC 12-16%
CBD Bass

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