Dois Critical Mango 2g

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Dois Critical Mango Inflorescences CiBiDi

In collaboration with CBweed

Critical Mango CiBiDi is a new selection curated by DOIS Growshop , with a percentage of CiBiDi <20% which makes this inflorescence a high quality product. Critical Mango is characterized by an exotic tropical fruit flavor and a sour and pungent aroma.

Carefully grown in Italy by expert professionals, harvested and cleaned by hand, Critical Mango CiBiDi represents the pride of the new collection proposed by Dois Growshop.

-100% female inflorescences of C anna bis Sativa L. allowed
for the uses referred to in law 242/16.
-Ornamental and collectible product, technical product
for laboratory and study use for universities, farmers, research.
-%THC from 0.2% to 0.49% produced with active ingredient not suitable for
cause doping effects.
-Seriously harmful to health, not for human use, not permitted
no intake, do not ingest, do not inhale, do not smell, do not
smoking is not a combustion product, it is not a substitute for
tobacco, not suitable for use with diffusers of any kind, keep
away from the reach of minors. It is not a therapeutic product either
food, it is not a drug or its substitute. Do not open package
in closed places. Do not separate the contents from the packaging.
-By purchasing this product you declare that you are over 18 years old

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