Dois Indoor #1 Kush 1g

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Dois Indoor #1 Kush 1g

Indoor 1# Kush is the result of a collaboration between Dois and a group of expert growers aimed at obtaining an innovative product with superior qualities.

These inflorescences are grown indoors with high-yield systems with a very low environmental impact. Traditional cultivation techniques, totally organic substrates and nutrients were used.

The inflorescences of this limited edition are collected and cleaned by hand, dried naturally and stored at controlled temperatures and humidity. The result is a product with exceptional qualities, with intense aromas, compact and resinous.

Hand-packaged in recyclable glass jars to maintain their quality and be able to see the inside.

The care, time and passion dedicated to the production of this product are immediately perceptible and uncommon. We are certain that we have set a new point of reference in the panorama of inflorescences with a high CiBiDi content which constitutes the quality element necessary for future productions.

Indoor #1 Kush has a deep flavor and aroma, with hints of lemon and oil reminiscent of diesel.

CiBiDi 10.82%

-100% female inflorescences of C anna bis Sativa L. allowed
for the uses referred to in law 242/16.
-Ornamental and collectible product, technical product
for laboratory and study use for universities, farmers, research.
-%THC 0.26% product with active ingredient not suitable for
cause doping effects.
-Seriously harmful to health, not for human use, not permitted
no intake, do not ingest, do not inhale, do not smell, do not
smoking is not a combustion product, it is not a substitute for
tobacco, not suitable for use with diffusers of any kind, keep
away from the reach of minors. It is not a therapeutic product either
food, it is not a drug or its substitute. Do not open package
in closed places. Do not separate the contents from the packaging.
-By purchasing this product you declare that you are over 18 years old

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