Electric TRIMMER with support table 46x46 cm


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Electric TRIMMER with support table 46x46 cm

The Electric Trimmer with table and speed regulator is one of the best electric trimmers on the market in terms of value for money. This machine is the easiest and fastest way to clean fresh flowers in minutes. It has a powerful and quiet adjustable speed motor at both high and low speed.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, weighing only 12 kilos.

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Worktop dimensions: 46x46 cm (almost all occupied by the grill)
Height: 66cm
Weight: 12kg
Safety system: An automatic device stops the blades if the grill is raised with the trimmer running.
Easily replaceable blades.
Adjustable speed motor.


To cut, take a branch of a freshly harvested plant in your hand and move it across the rack in a back-and-forth motion while rotating the plant at the same time. The residue will fall into the cloth bag below so as not to lose anything and be able to reuse it for example for extractions.


    • Never put your fingers, gloves or other parts of your body in contact with the grill or blade.

    • Never apply pressure on the grill.

    • Do not use scissors, knives or other tools on the grill.

    • Safety glasses and gloves are required at all times.
      Gloves need to be tight enough so they don't get into the grill slots. A loose glove is dangerous. Be careful!

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