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Fast Buds Gorilla Cookies Fast Version

  • Power to the farmer. Maintain full control of your plant and unleash its full potential.
  • A beastly 29% THC! You've never smoked anything like it.
  • Extremely resistant . Ideal for those looking for strong, resistant and easy to grow varieties.
  • First choice terpenes. Take your extracts to a whole new level.
  • Extraordinary producer. Expect up to 650 g/m2!
Bred from hand-picked Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 genetics combined with our famous Gorilla Cookies Auto, this strain takes all the best characteristics of its parent strains to the next level. This wonderfully balanced hybrid blooms both outdoors and indoors and in all types of climates. Plus, she's super resistant to insects and pests and is an amazing producer that gives growers of all levels yields of up to 650g/m2 of premium buds that don't disappoint in any way. As one of the most potent versions of these genetics, Gorilla Cookies FF (Fastflowering) boasts a THC content of 29%, which translates to plenty of resin and tasty terpenes that produce the best extractions ever. This is the perfect choice for hash producers looking for potent strains that deliver exceptional flavors and aromas.

Description of the sprout


Gorilla Cookies FF produces extremely resinous and dense buds, in beautiful dark green and light green shades, beautifully complemented by bright orange hairs that give them that premium look every grower seeks. This photoperiod feminized strain produces insane amounts of resin that gives a literal meaning to the old saying "you eat with your eyes", plus it smells like a delicious mix of sweet fruit and cookie dough, with a strong earthy undertone that will give you Your mouth will water as soon as you start crushing the sprouts.

Smoking report


This perfectly balanced hybrid delivers an intense euphoric high that puts a huge smile on your face and makes you laugh at anything and anyone. As you continue to smoke, the energizing effect slowly transforms into a strong body relaxation that lasts for hours and hours and will leave you deeply relaxed, no matter where you are. This is a must-have for avid users looking for the most potent strains around, and with a THC content of 29%, Gorilla Cookies FF provides nothing short of sensory overload.

What the plant looks like


Being a photoperiod, Gorilla Cookies FF allows you to control her height, but she can grow up to 2.5 meters with a sturdy, bushy structure, indicative of her mixed genetics. This variety develops a thick main cola and numerous substantial side branches that can easily handle yields of 650 g/m2. It is one of our highest and most productive products, which will surprise you with its ease of cultivation and will win you over with the excellent quality of its resin which smells of sweet biscuit dough and gas.

 Taste Cookie, Earthy, Kushy
 THC Up to 29%
 CBD < 1%
 Indoor harvest 500 – 650 g/m2
 Outdoor harvest 350 – 650 gr/plant
 Cut XL
 Height Up to 250cm
 Flowering Weeks 7 Weeks
 Grown in: Internal/External
 Type Feminized
 Sativa/Indica Sativa 55%/Indica 45%
 Genetics (GSC x GG#4) x Gorilla Cookies Auto
 Autoflowering no
All information contained is for informational and educational purposes only. We urge all users not to make any practical use of this information in connection with cannabis seeds. In fact, let us remember that:

In Italy the cultivation of cannabis seeds is prohibited (Art. 28 and 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90) if you do not have a specific authorization (Art. 17 Presidential Decree 309/90)

Therefore, cannabis seeds may be used exclusively for collecting purposes and for genetic preservation and are marketed with the reservation that they are not used by third parties in conflict with the law. Cannabis seeds are excluded from Presidential Decree 309/90, which means that they are not to be considered narcotic substances (L. 412 of 1974, Art. 1, Paragraph 1, Letter B; New York single convention on narcotics of 1961 and table 1 Ministry of Health decree 11 April 2006).

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