Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto

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Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto

A platinum variety with more than one million seeds sold worldwide!
The knockout artist. 24% THC which comes with a strong high.

The stickiest in the world! So much resin that your fingers will literally get stuck.
Massive returns. Up to 600gr/m2 and ready for harvest in just 70 days.
Extremely powerful. A strong couch-lock effect, ideal for avid users and Indica lovers.

Better than ever. Super dense flowers with fat calyxes soaked in resin, now in auto version.
Grow visibly! Large and bushy, perfect variety for growing outdoors.

Our most infamous strain with the stickiest buds in the game. A knockout performer boasting an incredible 24% THC. Very large and powerful. The "glue" comes from so much resin, that your fingers will literally be glued together while cutting. A large plant that only needs about 9 weeks to reward growers with big huge sticky buds, that every type of grower will fall in love with. Super easy to grow and her pine and diesel profile will impress even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs. It is suitable for beginner growers and hash producers should not miss this queen of trichomes.
Bud Description: Gorilla Glue Auto buds will be big and dense, with resin production that sticks to your fingers like super glue. The buds are dark green, with puffy, pointed calyxes wrapped in bright orange hairs. A truly impressive amount of trichomes that would undoubtedly yield excellent extracts worthy of winning a cup.

Effects: It is for smokers with a lot of tolerance and for fans of Cannabis Indica. Gorilla Glue Auto is extremely potent and its effects are not for the faint of heart. Not only does it glue you to the nearest chair, but your eyes and face slowly let go of the force of its physical effects. Certainly one for staying at home and relaxing, for meditation, relieving stress and aches, as well as inducing a heavy, long and undisturbed sleep.

Plant Appearance: This lady likes to stay short and usually grows to a height of 60-100cm, and in some cases up to 120cm, making her ideal for staying out of sight. It doesn't require much maintenance and will reward you with major yields of up to 450-600gr/m2. Her growth structure is short and bushy, thanks to the indica dominance and she will grow a main central cola, with large side branches all around. Once flowering begins, expect Gorilla Glue Auto to get big as it quickly starts to put on size, weight and produce killer trichomes. From seed to harvest she is ready in around 9 weeks, when she will end up looking short and stocky.

 Taste Pine, Lemon, Peppery
 THC Up to 24%
 CBD < 1%
 EU Indoor harvest 450 – 600 gr/m2
 EU Outdoor harvest 70 – 350 gr/plant
 Cut XXL
 Height EU 60 – 130 cm
 Flowering Weeks 9 – 10
 Grown in: Internal/External
 Type Feminized
 Sativa/Indica Sativa 65%/Indica 35%
 Genetics Gorilla Glue Auto
 Autoflowering Yes

All information contained is for informational and educational purposes only. We urge all users not to make any practical use of this information in connection with cannabis seeds. In fact, let us remember that:

In Italy the cultivation of cannabis seeds is prohibited (Art. 28 and 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90) if you do not have a specific authorization (Art. 17 Presidential Decree 309/90)

Therefore, cannabis seeds may be used exclusively for collecting purposes and for genetic preservation and are marketed with the reservation that they are not used by third parties in conflict with the law. Cannabis seeds are excluded from Presidential Decree 309/90, which means that they are not to be considered narcotic substances (L. 412 of 1974, Art. 1, Paragraph 1, Letter B; New York single convention on narcotics of 1961 and table 1 Ministry of Health decree 11 April 2006).

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