Terra Aquatica by GHE Oligo Spectrum ex B'Essential

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Terra Aquatica by GHE Oligo Spectrum ex B'Essential

Oligo Spectrum from Terra Aquatica is a biological buffer (microelements), with its mixture of micro-trace elements completes the nourishment of the plant and allows you to stabilize the pH and control the calcium level. Suitable for any substrate with different dosages.

All the elements contained in Oligo Spectrum are chelated : an element in the form of a chelate is released only when it begins to be missing from the nutrient solution. This is the reason why the chelate maintains the stability of the solution and protects the plant against harmful accumulations of salts.

Since chelates are a source of trace elements authorized for the purposes of organic certification , Oligo Spectrum can be used in organic cultivation.

The organic buffers inside instead help to keep the pH of the solution stable so as to avoid sudden and abrupt changes. These regulators also serve to control the calcium level of the solution, a decisive advantage in the case of hard water. Oligo Spectrum can be used both in soil and soilless, with good results.


    • Hydroponics: 5 ml/L

    • On Earth: 3 ml/L

    • As a foliar spray: 2 ml/L

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