Terra Aquatica by GHE Pro Roots ex Bio Roots

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Terra Aquatica by GHE Pro Roots ex Bio Roots

For all cultivation methods: hydroponics, soilless, and in soil. Terra Aquatica Pro Roots is a 100% natural and organic root activator.

Pro Roots is a 100% organic root activator and stimulant. As part of our research into biostimulators, we have found a small range, so extraordinary, that we are tempted to offer it to you despite the fact that it is not our creation: these are Bio Boosters. Our tests and the experiences of several customers have been dazzling.

Essential products on the frontier between nutrition and plant protection, the Bio Boosters (Pro Bloom, Pro Roots and Protect) are 100% natural biological activators.


    • It stimulates the growth of microorganisms in the root zone and promotes the development of roots and rootlets.

    • It improves the root biotope and hardens the root cap (the end of the roots). This allows the development of a vigorous root system and better rooting of the plant in its environment.

    • It helps the plant to better resist diseases and pathogenic molds (powdery mildew, seedling death, etc.).


Pro Roots is very potent: for best results, use on clones, seeds and repotted plants for 15 days, then switch to FULVIC to stimulate abundant lateral rooting.

Add to water or nutrient solution, or if necessary, dilute and use as a foliar spray:

      • Solution: 2 ml/10 L
      • Foliar: 0.2 ml/l (two drops per litre)

For all plants in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

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